Introduction: Joel Vaughn

(Joel Vaughn) #1

Hi everyone,

I started the core module in May, and am very glad that I did. Looking at the Intelligent Design controversy for the last 10 years was instrumental in reconnecting me with my faith, as was seeing how empty the answers were outside the Gospel and how terrible the fruit of those answers are in the world. Along with getting believers to acknowledge their heart questions (instead of suppressing them) and seeing the importance of spiritual community and communion, I’m very interested in helping believers find that harmony between the head and heart in loving God. Like the many Americans living one paycheck away from poverty, many believers are one or two crises/disappointments away from being overwhelmed by the questions lurking in the backs of their minds. And the world’s answers are waiting in the wings for just those opportunities. Believers need more than just to know how to parry questions and issue rebuttals. We need to understand why non-superficial answers are important.

I’m also currently an Outreach Coordinator for the Southern California chapter of the Science and Culture Network [], which is just now starting.

Glad to be here. :slight_smile:

(Lynn craft) #2

Hi Joel!
So glad to see you here. Looking forward to many more conversations with my brothers and sisters in Christ. I am checking out the links you sent. Thank you!

Lynn Craft

(Warner Joseph Miller) #3

Glad to have you here, Joel! Welcome!

(Joel Vaughn) #4

Thank you!

(Joel Vaughn) #5

Thank you, Lynn!

(Lakshmi Mehta) #6

@jvaughn, Welcome to Connect! Wonderful to see your involvement with the scientific community. I used to be in pharmaceutical research and have experienced some of the skepticism against Christian faith. May God bless your outreach work. Look forward to learning from your experiences here on Connect!

(Jimmy Sellers) #7

Very astute observation. You will fit in well with this group of like minded believers. Welcome.

(Michael Petrie) #8

Greetings Joel and good to have you. I recall you having some of the most insightful responses during our Core Module class together. I am excited to see your responses to others as there is a plethora of great questions always occurring.

(michelle guerrero) #9

Hi Joel,
Great to hear your passion and care for people searching for truth in this world.

(Joel Vaughn) #10

Thank you, Michael. :blush: I’ve been kind of taking a break, but I hope to have some time this holiday vacation to see what’s happening on RZIM.

(Gregory J Findlay) #11

Thank you, Joel, for your candid concern about what is truly important, our identity in Christ. I lead discussions about biblical creation science and how Christians can use responsible scientific research to engage in conversations about our natural world and transition it to the supernatural and our ultimate eternal destiny.

(Joel Vaughn) #12

Thank you, @GregWFTX. I think there is a lot of reason to be hopeful for unseating the privileged place that naturalism has found in society; as a citizen and a thinker, this is important to me. But I think as brothers and sisters in the family of God we have to set our sights higher. It’s wonderful to be reminded that we are creatures of mind, by design, and that there is divine purpose in our rationality—but we are creatures of spirit foremost. We need spiritual understanding to recognize what is beyond our minds’ comprehension. I think it’s also critical to realize that our identity in Christ isn’t just an individual matter, even though that individual intimacy with the Godhead is important. It is truly our identity in that we share it–as Jesus has shared it with us, so we share it with each other. And this is a central witness to the world. If I understand all mysteries but do not live this truth, what does it profit? “Knowledge puffs up, but love builds up.”