Introduction: John V

(John Van der Werff) #1

Hi everyone my name is John V. I live in Redding Ca. I have been studying and practicing apologetics for the last 4-5 years. I am part of a group of 4-5 men who meet twice a month to encourage, share teaching from the professionals, and practice conversations by role playing with each other. I’m looking forward to learning more and having a place to answer questions.

(Leanne Gallanger) #2

Welcome John! You’re in the right place. That’s so awesome that you’ve got a dedicated group to practice with. What a great idea

(Ogah) #3

Wonderful, I have it in mind to have a small group like the one you described. I am still praying and searching for men of like mind and passion, i sure do have a lot to learn from you.

(John Van der Werff) #4

I’ll pray that you find a few men to do the same. We have lots to learn from the professionals but unless we practice or teach the material ourselves this is a waste of time. Everyone I have heard and my experience has been that we make mistakes so role playing gives us a chance to learn and make those mistakes in a friendly environment. Blessings!

(John Van der Werff) #5