Introduction: Johniel

(Johniel John-Edward) #1

Hi everyone

Am Johniel from Manchester,CT. Am here for past 3 years as my wife got a work assignment here. Am here taking care of my 4 yr old son and involved in ministry as well. We are a small church in Hartford,CT (Refuge) . Am so excited to be a part of this family. Just wanna learn more about God and the truth in His word at a greater depth.

(Warner Joseph Miller) #2

Hello there, Johniel and welcome to the Connect community!!! I’m glad you found your way here and am looking forward to hearing more from you. Please feel free to look through the topics and threads that have already begun. Comment and possibly add your insight (s) from your own study and experience. Also, if you have a question, feel free to begin a new comment thread. Again, looking forward to it and hope that this community can be a great benefit and blessing to you, brother. WELCOME!

(Kathleen) #3

Welcome, @johnielsam! We’re glad you’ve found us on here on Connect! My brother used to live not far from you in W. Mass, and I remember him talking about how New England is a difficult place to be a Christian. Have you found it to be a similar experience?

(Brian) #4

Great to have you with us Johniel and to be able to learn about our Lord alongside you :grinning:.


(Johniel John-Edward) #5

New England .! Oh yes - am seeing the challenge as I have enrolled my kid in public school. Nowhere “the God factor” is introduced to them . I would say the state is void of peace and hope. Sad

(Kathleen) #6

Keep fighting the good fight! Praying that God will pour His Spirit out first in His church and then into the surrounding communities. :slight_smile: