Introduction: Joon

Hey everyone! Bostonian here :). I’m curious and I have way too many questions. I hope to contribute to a positive learning environment no matter what the perspective is.


Hey David! @Davidd
You’ve come to the right place for asking questions in a positive environment.
Looking forward to hearing from you in the forums :blush:


Welcome @Davidd :slightly_smiling_face: I am learning a lot here. I like your positive attitude and look forward to your insight.

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David, the thing about Connect as it is up to you if you how much you want to invest of your time. The possibilities are endless so it is nice because you can get your feet wet and then determine an area or aspect that you’d like to do as time goes on. I’ll warn you, there is so much that it can be overwhelming but don’t try to do it all but choose where you gravitate to and dive in. The water’s nice!

Welcome to the group