Introduction: JOSEPH from Middle East


(Yosef) #1

Hi everyone,

As the introduction says it all. I believe that God has placed me in the Middle East because this region is 90% in darkness and only a few Christian Missionaries are here.

I would like to quote my friend Nabeel in 2013 - “When I was a Muslim and Christians didn’t share their faith with me I thought one of two things: either they didn’t believe it, or they were totally okay with me going to hell”

I am an ex-Muslim. Christians do not share Gospel here and the reasons are many. There are almost 2000 small churches here apart from a handful of megachurches. All these Christians meet on Friday to worship but very few choose to reach out. My heart pains when I see them gathering and not fulfilling Matthew 28 and could not even answer simple questions of their faith in their daily conversations with nonbelievers of almost 200 nationalities here. Full-time Missionaries are very few.

I completed Masters in Divinity and currently pursuing Th M, CIMS from COG and enrolled for Core Module starting June. I want to specialize in Apologetics due to the very same reasons that I can also train Christians to come out, speak out and preach the gospel. I might not be able elaborate more but I am sure anyone who reads can understand the urgency of my heart to reach out. In my initial years after becoming a Christian, I have challenged few top politicians while staying anonymous knowing that they could easily hunt me down. My desire is to introduce the importance of Apologetics with Missions in this country in every Church apart from sharing the gospel with local nonbelievers.

I am connected with a handful of itinerant from RZIM and I hope this platform will give me more confidence to humble myself, learn, connect and do what God has called me to do.

(Melvin Greene) #2

God bless you, @josephdiwan! It is an honor to have you here. I pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ in the Middle East all the time. I know you all risk your lives every time you share the gospel. I am excited to learn from you and I hope this community will bless you, too.

(Jean-Luc Petit) #3

Hi Joseph. I am also new to Connect. I don’t know much about Islam. What I do know is from my limited reading of the Koran (in English), and from what I’ve learned anecdotally from multiple Muslim colleagues of mine in the past or from RZIM. I heard Nabeel speak in Toronto and am glad for his life’s testimony and work.

I find reading about other religions strengthening to my Christian faith.

God bless.

(Omar Rushlive Lozada Arellano) #4

I praise God for your heart in equipping the saints, @josephdiwan. I pray that through your studies you will be able to train more Christians there in the Middle East, so that Christ may be further known. Welcome to Connect, your valuable insights about Muslims can help us as you join us in the discussions. :slight_smile:

(Carson Weitnauer) #5

Hi @josephdiwan,

Welcome! We are so honored to have you involved in Connect. We want to be praying for you and encouraging you. I believe we have a great deal to learn from you as well. Your heart and approach to mission is a terrific example.

(Yosef) #6

Great to know you. Lets stay connected.

(Megan Kemp) #7

Hi Yosef!

Welcome to RZIM Connect! I echo what others said and am glad you’re here. I look forward to what you’ll bring through discussions and your life experience in the Middle East.

Bless you, brother.

(Zoheir Umrethi) #8

Hi, Joseph. God bless You, Thank you for getting me involved in Connect . I must say that meeting up with you in Bangalore in September 2017 was divinely orchestrated knowing we have similar background, I am sure this will help us both to grow in the Lord and do what the Lord has called us to do.

(Yosef) #9

Welcome to connect. Hope we get more connections with ex Muslim brothers & sisters.

(Joshua Gilman) #10

Welcome @josephdiwan,

Praise God for the burden He has placed on your heart to serve our brothers and sisters in the Middle East. It’s encouraging to see the Holy Spirit accomplishing His perfect will even in areas where representation is light. I will be praying over your ministry there and I hope God uses the RZIM Connect platform to further equip you for the works He has set aside for you.

God bless.