Introduction: Joseph Green


(Joseph Green) #1

Hi everyone,

My name is Joseph Green. I am 27 years old and am a native of Texas. My journey into apologetics began back in my Texas A&M days, when so many friends were questioning what they believed and a few even walked away from God all together. It filled me with all kinds of doubts, but also rallied me in my own understanding of the truth about God and the lies meant to defame Him.

I am thankful to God for bringing the members of RZIM together to attack those lies and promote the truth of the Gospel. I am thankful too for the blessing it has been to me personally as I have been searching out the truth for myself and for the constant reminder to answer the questioner and not just the question. I look forward to the discussions and questions that will be brought up on RZIMConnect. And I hope to be an encouragement and sharpener of my brothers and sisters in the Lord as well as receive such in turn!

(Carson Weitnauer) #2

Hi Joseph,

Welcome to Connect! My journey into apologetics began in high school, but it definitely intensified during college. For me, the greatest questions were “does God exist?” and “how could we know if God exists?” I’d be curious to hear what questions you find most pressing in your social context- what are people asking? What challenges are they raising against Christianity?

Grateful to have you join in… this is a “the more, the merrier” environment!

(Joseph Green) #3

It is funny you should ask, because I was considering starting a post about a list of 27 issues a friend of mine gave me on why he discarded Christianity. But in brief, the two heaviest interactions I had with my own friends in college is from a homosexual perspective and an atheistic perspective. The first was not the actually question but he said more or less, did God really say homosexuality is wrong?

Interestingly I do youth ministry now and find the same line of thinking, though they often do not put it into words unless pressed. “How could God force someone to not have a relationship just because that relationship would be with the same sex? That seems like way heavier a burden than straight people have to bear”. Things of that nature as well as defenses for transgenderism, and removing any hint that God made Men and Women different from each other in any way.

(Tim Ramey) #4

I’m thankful that you joined when you did because the questions from mankind just keep abounding, Often, they need to see someone who doen’t flick out his answer sheet but loves Jesus and speaks to their lives that way. This is an excellent arena to ask hard questions and be respected for being honest. I’m so much older than you and I have more questions now than I did when I was your age!

(Megan Kemp) #5

Thanks, Tim! This encourages me as I head to mission week on Sunday at UC Berkeley. This came up during our time of prayer yesterday- that we would be people who love as Jesus loved and not get caught up in all the “answers”.

(Megan Kemp) #6

Joseph! Glad you’ve joined RZIM Connect, and that you have this place to support you as you do student ministry.

God bless, and welcome again.


(Valerie Schuetze) #7

Hello Joseph. Would love to see the 27 issues you mentioned in your post. Sounds like a lot but it might be worth exploring them?