Introduction: Joseph Jeshurun

(Joseph Jeshurun) #1

Hi everyone, I am Joseph from India currently a student in IIT Roorkee, India studying Bachelors in Computer Science. I accepted Christ as my personal saviour in the year 2011. I am currently involved in the campus student ministry. I came to know about RZIM from relatives and through open forums in my campus. I hope that through this community platform, I will grow more in the Lord and will be able to face the challenges as a believer student and be in a position to answer them from the Biblical perspective.

(Lakshmi Mehta) #2

@Joseph, Welcome to Connect! Its exciting to hear of you coming to faith only a few years ago and being actively involved in student ministry. May the Lord give you understanding, discernment and the faith you need as you reach out to those around you. I would imagine resources from RZIM definitely would be very suitable for an IIT mindset. Glad you joined Connect and look forward to your contributions.