Introduction: Joseph Verdi


(Joseph Stephen Verdi) #1

Hello everyone,

I am currently a student at the Community College of Rhode Island. I have been in the Rhode Island area for my entire life, 22 years. I gave my life to Christ just over two years ago. I’m hoping to meet believers from all over the world by being apart of RZIM Connect. I have listened to Ravi for a few months now and his messages help me to be equipped as I live in this world and at my college. Lord willing, I’d like to study apologetics after my undergraduate degree.

(Jimmy Sellers) #2

Welcome. I am sure that you will meeting many believer from all over the world. Looking forward to your contriutions to the community.

(Warner Joseph Miller) #3

Welcome, brother! I came to Christ around that time, as well, and Ravi Zacharias and the ministry of RZIM were one of the first resources I used to help navigate the range of questions that were volleyed to me by other people AS WELL AS the difficult questions I, myself, had.

(Kathleen) #4

Welcome, @Joeverdi! Looking forward to having you be a part of our conversations. Will be praying for you and your interactions with fellow students at college. :slight_smile:

(Carson Weitnauer) #5

Hi @Joeverdi,

Welcome! I spent ten years of my life in campus ministry, so I feel a deep connection to students. I would love to hear what led you to give your life to Christ. Also, I am so encouraged that you are intentionally getting equipped to live for God in the world and at your college. Make a plan to practice thinking through the questions of your friends here so that you can help them become increasingly interested in Jesus and, by God’s grace, come to know him through your faithful presentation of the gospel.

(Joseph Stephen Verdi) #6

Hey Carson,

I grew up with little head knowledge and zero heart knowledge of Jesus. God was someone who was way up in the sky for me to call upon when times were tuff or I was in need of something. As I was getting older and started going to High School I began getting involved with anything and everything that was against God’s plan for my life including drugs, alcohol, porn etc. There were also some deep routed insecurities, like homosexual thoughts, in my life that led me to filling my days with the pursuit of “success” and my nights with the pursuit of sin. The only things that truly mattered to me were money, power, and possessions. I quickly learned the lesson that none of these were satisfying and I became depressed and started to have frequent suicidal thoughts.

During this journey my sister had been saved while visiting a church during her college years. She and my brother-in-law witnessed to me a few times over the years. Sadly, the drugs I had been using would wipe away any meaningful conversation that we had. It took getting to an extremely low point in my life to get down on my knees and cry out for God’s guidance. The first time I prayed with a earnest heart was the moment I knew we had an amazing Creator who was listening to me and cared about the struggles I was going through. It took about 6 months for me to recognize Jesus as my Savior and completely change my life around.

God has continuously opened doors for me to share my testimony and lead other Christians in their walk. I’v been given the ability to lead a Christian group that we have at CCRI for the past year and i’m looking forward to the upcoming semester. He has blessed us with growth and protection.

Our group can always use prayers! I have uploaded a picture from See You at the Pole during the fall of 2017.



(Kim O.) #7

Welcome!Looking forward to it!

(Jamie Hobbs) #8

Welcome, brother. It’ll be good getting to know you. I have a heart for campus ministry as well. Looking forward to your perspectives.

(Karen LaRose) #9

Hi Joe, interestingly, many of us have similar stories, it took me a little longer than you to figure some of those amazing truths about God and having someone in your life who witnessed to you without giving up is certainly wonderful. Will be praying for you to continue on with your studies now and future studies in apologetics.

(Warner Joseph Miller) #10

Great to have you here, bro!!! I’m a “Joseph”, too: Warner JOSEPH Miller!:wink: