Introduction: Josephine Dearsley


(Josephine Dearsley) #1

Hi everyone, my name is Josephine (or Josie). I’m 17 and currently a student at the Open University in Scotland, studying environmental biology. I look forward to the ensuing conversations and connections :slight_smile: God Bless x

(Warner Joseph Miller) #2

Welcome to CONNECT, Josie!!! So glad you’re apart of the community!

PS - love your name, btw. Mine is Warner JOSEPH Miller. Shhhhhh…nobody knows my middle name. It’s a secret.:wink: Welcome, again, to CONNECT, sister!

(Carson Weitnauer) #3

Hi @MoveMountains,

Welcome! It is exciting to see God’s people study environmental biology! What an awesome opportunity you will have to care for God’s beautiful creation and be a light to the church on the importance of these issues. I trust you will add a valuable perspective to conversations in Connect!

(Jimmy Sellers) #4

For me to see young folks join our community is the highlight of the day. It gives me great hope knowing that God is at work in the lives of men and women boys and girls all round this ever shrinking globe. Welcome and God bless your participation here.