Introduction: Josh Berdet

(Josh Berdet) #1

Hi everyone,

I am very thankful and excited to be here. I’ve always been a knowledge seeker and found RZIM about 8 years ago which set me on my journey into apologetics. I love digging deeper into my faith and would love to help others bring down barriers of doubt and into a relationship with Christ. On a personal note, I have been married for almost six years to my beautiful wife and we just welcomed a 3rd baby three weeks ago. (My first boy!). I also currently work as a Financial Advisor.

Pleasure to meet everyone. My prayer is that we grow closer to God and to each other as we share this journey!


(Elizabeth C) #2


Welcome to RZIMConnect! And congratulations on the new baby boy! My parents also had two girls and a baby boy. I hope this turns out to be a great resource for you.


(Joshua Spare) #3

Welcome to Connect, @jberdet! I’m excited to have you join our community here. I certainly look forward to hearing more from you as you begin to jump into the discussions here on Connect! And wow! I’m hugely impressed that with a 3 week old and two other kids that you are finding time to do anything else!

(Warner Joseph Miller) #4

So glad you made it to the Connect community and am looking forward to your sharing and continued learning. God bless you, brother! Welcome