Introduction: Joshua Manahan

(Joshua Manahan) #1

Hi everyone, I’m from the Philippines and I work as a physician. I thought I already introduced myself before. Turns out I forgot! Anyway, I’m glad to meet you all and hopefully we can help each other better to reach more for Christ! Is anyone here from the Philippines too?

BTW, are the videos for the Engaging the Modern World, Faith Seeking Understanding, and Bible electives already available here? Thank y’all!

(Carson Weitnauer) #2

Hi Joshua,

Yes, you can access your alumni content in RZIM Connect. Here’s the tutorial that explains how:


(Joshua Manahan) #3

Thank you sir!

(Warner Joseph Miller) #4

Welcome to the community, brother! Glad to have you here.

(Kathleen) #5

Welcome to Connect, @jbmanahan129! We’re glad you’ve joined us here. Looking forward to learning with and from you!