Introduction: Joshua

(Joshua Gilman) #1

Hi everyone,

My name is Josh and I’m originally from the Bay Area of California but am currently living in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge in the Pacific Northwest. I am the husband of a wonderful woman of faith and the father of two amazing young boys who are always challenging me in good ways!

I have been listening to and reading from the wonderful men and women at RZIM for many years now (since about the age of 15, I’m 27 now). I’ve been encouraged by the loving, but truthful responses to some of the difficult questions life brings to us.

I currently lead the Men’s ministry at our local church and am pursuing further education via online seminary alongside working a full-time job at Google. I’m very encouraged to see this new resource available to grow in this ministry together with other believers across the world.

God bless,

(Chloe Barker) #2

Hi Joshua, I am new here too so I wanted to say hello and welcome, even though I’ve been here a very short time!
I am also 27 but have only been listening to RZIM for one year, I cannot wait to grow with other Christians here and deepen my understanding.
Thank you for sharing a bit of your journey so far, it is very inspiring to hear about others who have persisted in their faith from a young age, God bless you and your growing family.


(Kathleen) #3

So glad you’ve found us, @jmgilman, and glad to hear of the blessing that RZIM has been in your life and ministry. Blessings upon your seminary study (alongside being full-time employed both in your job as well as a dad and husband), and don’t forget to chime on some threads of interest. We are eager to learn from each other here!