Introduction: Jovani

(Anthony Garcia) #1

Hi everyone, my name is Jovani. I’m 28 years old and live in Los Angeles. I’ve been a Christian since 2010. I came to the Lord in an unexpected way, as I’m sure many others have so as well. I just recently got out after doing ten years in state prison, that’s where my journey with the Lord began. I use to be a skeptic. I always needed to understand the why and how before I would accept the what. Meaning something had to make sense logically in order for me to accept it as true. When I accepted the Lord I accepted that way of thinking did not leave me, which led me to discover my calling, defending the faith. During my incarceration I devoted my self to study. Now that I’m out I’m in the process of going back to college. I look forward to be part of this group and learn from others. God bless u all.

(Joshua Spare) #2

Welcome to Connect, @Jovani! What an incredible testimony! Praise God for how he was able to meet you in prison and to bring you to a path of studying his Word to share it with other! I am excited to have you to along in our community here!

(Keldon Scott) #3

Welcome aboard @Jovani. You’re story is very powerful. I love how the hound of heaven never let you go. I hope you share a bit more of your experiences and your transformation. I am confident that many will be blessed by your testimony and experiences. God-bless your study endeavors and your journey.

(Olivia Davis) #4

What a testimony! Thanks for sharing — it was an encouragement to read this morning and think about the miracle that is our salvation! We’re very glad you’ve joined us and please add your perspective out in the forums! I am sure I have much to learn from you :slight_smile: Welcome to Connect!