Introduction / 自己紹介: Jukka Ahonen

(Jukka Ahonen) #1


After listening to a few dozen of RZIM podcasts from different channels, I heard about this forum. I joined because of some hard questions that have risen in my life recently, and to which I have noticed not to find an answer on my own. Now the waters have calmed down a little for a while, but I believe conversations here will be really helpful.

I also have a theological education and I hope it will serve this community as well. I don’t have a formal position in ministry, but rather aiming at becoming an expert in IT.



With blessings / 祝福ありますように、

Jukka Ahonen

(Brittany Bowman) #2

Welcome to Connect, Jukka. :smiley: You have come to the right place to study answers to our hard questions. Many people here have computer science backgrounds, and I hope you feel welcome. Praise the Lord for your heart to serve others!

(Armando Bordales) #3

Hi Jukka! Welcome to RZIMConnect and I do hope you succeed in IT. :wink:

(Daniel) #4

Hi Jukka. Another welcome from Germany. I work in the IT section, too and like web design :computer::+1:t3:

(Carson Weitnauer) #5

Hi @jsamaho,

We are grateful to have you join. We believe that questions are a gift because they help us all think more deeply about our faith and how to share it with others in a respectful way. If you share some of these doubts here, we will be very appreciative of your courage and willingness to start a good conversation with us. I hope you will feel hospitably welcomed.

(Andrew Bulin) #6

@jsamaho, welcome to Connect!
I hope it is encouraging that so many people here are excited to hear some of your challenging questions, as am I. We are limited as individuals, and I look forward to seeing your perspectives and helping to wrestle through questions you may have. Then we can all be stronger, as iron sharpens iron!

I too have some theological studies under my belt, and I am working to become an expert in IT. What is your primary field of study? Mine has been Linux based virtualization, with concentrations in big data, analytics, an BI. I’m hoping to take my skill to Japan to live, work, and spread the Gospel. But otherwise, I too am not really in a formal ministry at the moment.

Where are you from and as a student have you had a chance to study abroad or have any interesting internships?

(Jukka Ahonen) #7

I am still looking for my main focus, because I am still very much in the beginning stage. My strongest area at the moment is full stack web development, because that’s where I have found opportunities to get my hands dirty. I have also done a bit of Java (Spring Boot), and a little bit of Python.

I am very much interested in learning more about big data analytics and AI, especially how it is applied in fields like healthcare and/or life sciences. That’s why I have read about bioinformatics, but I have little idea how to go forward in that direction, and maybe it should wait until I get a more “normal” job first, because bioinformatics seems to be a very demanding field.

But, on the whole, God’s guidance and strength is needed in this career change.

Edit: I am from Helsinki, Finland, and studied at the University of Helsinki. I considered student exchange and internships in Japan, but I decided not to go, but I volunteered in Israel at Jerusalem Center for Bible Translators.

(Jukka Ahonen) #8

Hi @iDan
I’d also like to learn design, I am more on the ‘coding’ side of the web, both front and back end.

(Andrew Bulin) #9

I’ve supported webstacks, but find myself clumsy with front end, and not really liking Javascript much unfortunately. >_< Otherwise, I’ve grown an affinity for Ruby, but my data engineer and analysis work has me constantly in R and SQL daily. In big data, a little bit of Python, Java and Scala, but mostly whenever I needed to. I really prefer R all in all.

For me working with big data teams, the platforms are constantly changing and you’ll always be picking up something new. It was the core analysis basics, mathematics, data organization, statistics, etc. that I found my team—and myself—greatly lacked. This is where I spend most of my time studying, and the tools and frameworks are easier to pick up. I bet you could get your foot in the door into medical and bioinformatics if you were strong in the analysis. Then you could slowly build up the experience specific field and discipline of interest (unless you want to go to college and start from there of course). But other than that wild guess, I’m not too knowledgeable in that industry.

(Yutaro) #10

Welcome to RZIM Connect! It is great that we can tackle difficult questions together in this community and I am also excited to hear about your interest in Japan.
I am from Japan and now working for RZIM as an OCCA Fellow, and I am grateful for your heart for the Japanese people. We have a group called Japan Apologetics Community in RZIM Connect where we share and discuss information and ideas on evangelism in Japan. We recently had the first ever RZIM apologetics conference in Tokyo last year and you can find the links to the YouTube videos in one of the JAC posts.
We would love to welcome you to JAC and hope that we can have fruitful conversations on the evangelism in Japan!

(Japeth Barbecho) #11