Introduction: Julia Bracewell


(Julia Bracewell) #1

Hi everyone, my name is Julia Bracewell and I am a recent graduate of Tyndale University (formerly Ontario Bible College where Ravi studied!). I graduated from the BA Business and International Development program and I just moved back to Windsor, Ontario where I’m working as the Women’s Community Outreach Coordinator for the AIDS Committee here. I do community advocacy and harm reduction work for female substance users, sex workers and women at risk for HIV transmission.

I’ve enjoyed listening to Ravi and the RZIM team speak on and off for a long time, but recently have been diving in a bit deeper as I find myself in a work environment where there is no right and wrong and we do not take moral stances (which i think is a moral stance) or really fight for anyone because “everyone knows best for themselves”. My beliefs about many things are considered morally wrong. For example, my belief that it is a good thing to try and help a women find safer employment than sex work is bad because its seen as judgey… you get the idea.

Anyways, in this new environment I’m looking for ways to still be able to share the gospel, empower my clients in a way that honours God, and grow in my faith. It seems like this is a great place to engage in this time. I look forward to connecting with you all!

(Carson Weitnauer) #2

Hi @Julia_Bracewell,

Welcome - I am grateful for your introduction; it really helps me to get to know you a bit! It sounds like you are in a very challenging environment - for your own career, to care for your clients, and to share the gospel. We want to be praying for you and encouraging you.

I think there are opportunities - this aspiration to live in a world without judgment, free of condemnation, does have some connecting points to the gospel. The fierce commitment to autonomy does, it seems, ironically and sadly lead to a kind of unknowing bondage to our strongest desires. Perhaps in these aspirations and tensions there will be openings for gentle questions and open-handed invitations to explore a more coherent and beautiful way.

I find that participating in Connect keeps me intellectually stimulated, growing in empathy, and desiring to see others know Christ. I’m by no means “there” but I have found this to be a community that nurtures and pushes me to grow each day.

(Jamie Hobbs) #3

Welcome, Julia. There are scores of folks here willing to pray for your difficult job and ministry. We’ll pray for that mountain to move together. Blessings.

(Joel Vaughn) #4

@Julia_Bracewell Hi Julia! Glad you are here! Sounds like important work you are doing.

(Renee Yetter) #5

Hi @Julia_Bracewell! Hearing of how God is at work in such different, challenging situations is inspiring. You are working in what must be a difficult situation at times, but what an incredible opportunity to meet these women where they are, and be a Light for them.