Introduction: Julie Levi

(Julie Levi) #1

Hello everyone,

I’m excited to be here. I’m currently enrolled in the RZIM Academy Core program and am enjoying it. I have been married to Mr. Perfect (not his real name) for 27 years and we have two adult daughters. I talk about apologetics all the time since it seems to inform every area of my life. I’m very excited to see where God leads me next.

(SeanO) #2

@LeviGergen Welcome to Connect! Glad you have joined us here and praise the Lord for such a wonderful family. May Christ continue to bless each of you as you grow in the grace and knowledge of Him. Look forward to hearing your questions and thoughts. Christ be with you on the journey.

(Olivia Davis) #3

Hi Julie! We’re so happy to have you here! Isn’t the Core module eye-opening? I look forward to learning with you out on the forums!

(Keldon Scott) #4

Welcome aboard @LeviGergen. Glad you are here. God-bless your studies in the core module. It is so rich. And in reading some other post looks like you ran into some people you know already. Enjoy your time here. God-bless.

(Kathleen) #5

@LeviGergen - so you’re the one who snagged Mr. Perfect?! I’ve been looking for him for quite some time now, and it’s helpful to know he’s already taken. :wink: Seriously though, we’re glad that you’ve joined us here on Connect. Welcome to the family!