Introduction: Karen3

(Karen ) #1

Say hello…Hi everyone,

Where are you from?I’m from The Netherlands

What led you to join Connect?Because I love to listen to Ravi and learn from him and the team

How do you hope to contribute? not sure yet,but submitting questions at times, and communicating with others.

(Kathleen) #2

Welcome, @Karen3! We’re glad you’ve joined us here. It’s always great to have another European! We hope that this community can be one that strengthens and encourages you in your walk with Christ. Blessings to you!

(Keldon Scott (Kel)) #3

Welcome aboard @Karen3. I love the concept of connect connecting people all over the world so that we can uplift and encourage each other. So glad you have joined from the Netherlands. If there was one major question you had what would that be? I hope you enjoy your time here. God-bless your journey.

(Heidi Mitchell) #4

Hi Karen! @Karen3
Welcome to Connect.
I hope you’ll look around and see the many great topics. There are such helpful and wise people in this community.
Feel free to share any pressing questions on your heart, as well as, chime in if you have something to offer.
Isn’t Ravi and his team so great? I agree, I love listening to them!
Be blessed, and hope to see you in the forums, :slight_smile:

(Sieglinde) #5

Welcome @Karen3 so glad you are here :heart:

(nehemiah) #6


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(Karen ) #7

Thank you so much, I hope to be a positive contributor here, how small it may be. Blessings and Hugs <3

(Karen ) #8

Thank you, and for you I too pray blessings upon!

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(Karen ) #9

Thank you so much, I’m thrilled to be part of this amazing ministry, how insignificant I may be, it’s my prayer to encourage and motivate people. Blessings to you too!! :heartbeat::heavy_heart_exclamation::heartbeat:

(Daniel) #10

Hello Karen. A warm welcome to the neighboring country :netherlands: Ravi and his team are really a great blessing for many people. Like you, I like to listen to him and have already learned a lot. The next days you can ask Michael Suderman your questions directly. Maybe you know him. He is a member of the RZIM US speaking team.

(Karen ) #11

Thank you so much for the warm welcome! May God bless you and your loved ones every day anew! :netherlands::tulip::pray::netherlands:

(Karen ) #12

Thank you so much for the warm welcome God bless you and may He always be with you.

(Karen ) #13

Ho Sig, thank you so much, I hope to be of ‘‘some use’’ here… God bless you and keep you!

(Karen ) #14

Hello Heidi Mitchell,
Thank you so much for your warm welcome, yes I am so thrilled to have ''discovered Ravi a few years ago, and listen almost every day to one of his video’s, have shared him with my friends and they agree… he’s such a blessing!!
I shall most certainly put a question forward should one pop up in my thoughts.

God bless you ‘sis’ sending warm regards from me to you :slight_smile:

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(Karen ) #15

Hello Kelton_Scott,
What a delightful message from you, and to be honest, I have no major question at this moment, so many questions I have had, have been answered by listening to Ravi and the team, and other pastors whom I follow online such as Jack Hibbs, and of course reading my Bible. thank you so very much for our hearty welcome May God bless you in your hearts desires.