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Hi! I’m Kari and I live in a small town on the coast of Georgia. I call it paradise! I am a Bible teacher, Christian DJ, advocate for persecuted Christians, and Christ follower. Even though I serve the Lord in a variety of ways, I feel Him moving me in a new direction - apologetics. I have resisted this for several years and left apologetics to my husband, but after taking the Core Module through RZIM, I feel better equipped. I have so much more to learn and am excited to interact with others here.


Hello @karikingdent I, along with many others, welcome you to the Connect community. Thank you for introducing yourself. We are grateful you have joined us.

You have landed in the right place for the move. I joined Connect about a year ago and have been tremendously blessed by the resources I have found and the relationships I have made along the way. The diversity of cultures, backgrounds, perspectives and giftedness make it a wealthy community indeed.

We hope to have the opportunity to get to know you better and dialogue further. Please let us know if you have any questions or we can serve you in any capacity.

Grace and peace to you,
Mary Beth


Hello @karikingdent I see that you are already becoming a vital part in this community even though you just joined yourself. I appreciate your warm contributions and service to Christ.

May the Lord bless you in your journey! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi, @karikingdent! Welcome to Connect and thank you so much for your kind words of welcome to me :grinning: It sounds like you are starting an exciting and wonderful journey. May God bless you on your way!

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Hi @karikingdent, I am late in welcoming you. I see that you have already been engaging. I have been inspired by a couple of your responses here and wanted to tell you that I appreciate your insight. Being a Bible teacher, DJ and advocate for persecuted Christians, what would you say was your most profound lesson in the core module? I look forward to reading more of your insight.
Take care :pray:

I learned so much that it is difficult to choose the most profound lesson in the core module. Besides learning to answer the questioner and not just the question, I think one of the lessons that had a big impact on me was the lesson on logical fallacies. I find myself going back to that lesson and going over the different kinds of logical fallacies and identifying them in my own arguments as well as the arguments of others. I feel like I need to watch all of the lectures again with my notes in front of me. I have memory issues since I had chemotherapy a few years ago. So it takes a lot of extra study and concentration to learn than it used to. Of course, being 56 might have something to do with that, too!

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I can certainly relate to memory issues and we are the same age :slight_smile: but I cannot relate to chemotherapy. I am so sorry :neutral_face: I pray you are well now?

Yes, I am cancer free, but I have several residual issues from treatment. (As they say, it kills the cancer but almost kills you, too!) Cancer is a continuous part of my life because I always have so many doctor appointments to keep me cancer free, but it doesn’t define me. It’s something I went through, and am I so grateful that God brought me through it. However, I don’t want to be known as a cancer survivor because that’s only temporary. I want to be known as a Christ follower who gave her whole life to loving and serving Him.

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