Introduction: Kiko

Hello everyone, I haven’t really done a proper introduction of myself, but here goes.

I’m Kiko, from Singapore and will be turning 20 this year. I’ve just graduated with a diploma in animation. I am an artist and have an interest in coming out with my own works/ comics in the future.

First off, I thought it’ll be good to address the current situation. To the shock of many Christians worldwide, Ravi Zacharias has recently passed away. I know it’s not easy on everyone and especially with the corona virus pandemic going on, among the batch of new graduates, I understand the impact and inconvenience that these few months have on everyone. Therefore, thank you guys for being strong and continuing to be involved in RZIM and God’s work. I can say with certainty that in everything, God has brought forth many blessings and teachings into my life during this season and I am sure that whether we perceive it or not, God has and will continue to do the same for everyone and I believed he has done so for Ravi and his family as well. Ravi ran his race well and we shall do the same:) God is doing a new thing through RZIM and in every single person’s life thus, I’m excited to see how it pans out for everyone, I’m sure Ravi is too. Therefore, be of good cheer for we have much more to accomplish knowing that Ravi is in a better place with our Lord.

Moving on to my introduction, I’ve been brought up in a Christian household (though my parents were pretty lukewarm Christians) and have been attending church my whole life. I however, did not really understand what it means to have a personal relationship with God and ended up backsliding. Ironically, through many difficult seasons in life (depression etc.) I ended up seeking God for help about 2 years back and that was where I started to understand what Christianity is actually about.

I’ve always had many doubts and questions about Christianity and have been interested in things such as philosophy and theology since young, unfortunately a lot of churches do not do well when it comes to this area which led the teenage me to believe that it was illogical to be a Christian. Through life and depression etc. and as I drew closer to god I attended several talks by RZIM and started gaining an interest in apologetics. God gave me direction, purpose and a community that would help me further my relationship and understanding with him. Some of the events I participated in would be the EAP (emerging apologist program), YMI talks and a few weeks ago have completed the core module. I am now happy to say that I’ve made many like minded friends and mentors with the people in the community and speakers alike. Through the people I’ve found churches where I could finally call home.

God’s provision has been evident in my life, especially through RZIM and I’ve grown in a bit of wisdom and knowledge about various subjects and the Christian faith. Yet, I understand that I truly know so little and would love to continue to grow in wisdom and faith. I’m rather young and know rather little, thus, I’m excited to learn more from all of you. Please be patient with me:)

Thank you for reading this.


Hi Kiko, and a warm welcome to you. I am so excited for you that the Lord has blessed you with a desire to follow Him. When I read your post and the fact that you are young, Ecclesiastes 12:1 came to mind. :slight_smile:


Hi thank you for reading it despite it being long. Also what a wonderful verse, thank you:)

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Hi Kiko, it’s wonderful to hear your story.

I’m excited to see what God has in store for you since you have such a good head start!


Aye bro thanks for the support😂

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Welcome aboard. We are glad you are here @Kiko. I hope you enjoyed the The emerging apologists program. Given your background and experiences along with the training that you had you will be a vital asset here with your encouraging words as well as guidance for those issues you probably struggled with and now have an ability to share how you have coped with those questions. God-bless you and your journey.

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Hi Keldon, thank you for the encouraging words. They really mean a lot! Not sure what I can do but I’ll do my best. God bless:)

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