Introduction: Kiri Jane Erb

(Kiri Jane Erb) #1

Hi all!

I am a wife, mom of 3 and have been teaching theology including apologetics for over 10 years to young Christian Leaders at Soul Edge Ministries in Canada ( - birthed out of Soul Survivor back in 2006 (for any Britsb out there).

We absolutely love RZIM.

I am in the editing stage of a book that I hope will bless others, called ’Love, War and the Mess in-between.’

Looking forward to meeting you all!

(Brittany Bowman) #2

Welcome to Connect! May you find your time here both an encouragement and challenge to your own studies. Excited to learn together and hear from you on the threads!

(Keldon Scott) #3

Welcome aboard @Kiri_Jane_Erb. What an exciting ministry you are involved in. I looked at your website. Quite the commitment some of these young people have made. I hope your time here is a blessing to you and I am confident that you will add significant information and input with the experiences that you have had. God-bless you.

(Kiri Jane Erb) #4

Thanks so much!
I look forward to seeing you around here and yes, Soul Edge teams are such a joy to invest into :slight_smile:

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(Olivia Davis) #5

Hi Kiri! I love your name! I sounds like you have a beautiful ministry and that makes me very excited that you’ve joined Connect! We’re delighted to have you here and I look forward to learning from you!

(Kiri Jane Erb) #6

Aww thank you!