Introduction: Kristina


(Kristina Garcia) #1

I’ve been a Christian for 12 years when it came to a point in my life where I started to ask myself why I believe what I believe and what it is that I believe. I have heard of RZIM years before and have attended some local conferences with speakers from RZIM, but I was never interested in what I thought was very intellectual stuff. But because of that difficult season in my life, I began looking for answers. It just so happened that while I was planning a vacation in the US, there was going to be a summer institute in Atlanta. I grabbed the opportunity and went. That week changed how I viewed Apologetics. It jump-started my journey of knowing Who and what it is that I believe and why. And it has been amazing.

(Warner Joseph Miller) #2

Hey there, Kristina! Welcome to CONNECT! I’m so glad you grabbed at that opportunity. Truly, sister!

(Kristina Garcia) #3

Thank you Warner! I’m so grateful to be part of the RZIM family.

(Omar Rushlive Lozada Arellano) #4

Hello @Kristina_Garcia. Welcome to Connect! I’m encouraged about what you shared about you changing how you viewed apologetics. If it’s okay for you to share, may I please know which part of your experience in the Institute changed your view about apologetics?

(Kristina Garcia) #5

My initial view of apologetics was that it was an intellectual argument/explanation of what Christianity is about and that it wasn’t for me because I was already a Christian. I didn’t care much about those who were very philosophical in their approach to Christianity. I grew up in a nation consisting mostly of individuals who believe in God and I was rarely challenged in my beliefs until I met some people who didn’t believe in God and realized I couldn’t defend my faith. I wanted to know more about what it is that I believe and why I believed it with so much conviction.

The summer institute helped me see that apologetics answers the deep questions of the heart and not just the mind. The entire experience of meeting people with the same passion to know God and be equipped to tell others about Him made a huge impact in my life.

(Carson Weitnauer) #6

Hi @Kristina_Garcia, this is such a huge encouragement for me! I remember the Summer Institute at Georgia Tech very well! Perhaps we met and talked that week? What an incredible time we had at the Summer Institute program.

I’m so glad you’ve joined Connect. This is a virtual Summer Institute every day :slight_smile: . I hope you’ll plug in, ask questions, and share hope with other members. We’d be honored to have you involved.

(Jimmy Sellers) #7

First let me welcome you and second let me say as much as I realize that RZIM needed a bigger facility I miss the Summer institute sessions. I only had the pleasure of one, the last one but God is doing a great work in this ministry and Connect is the blessing that he has given. Looking forward to you input.

(Kristina Garcia) #8

Thank you @CarsonWeitnauer! Connect is really exciting and encouraging for me as well! I’m grateful for the opportunity to be part of it.
And yes, we met. You were eating chicken wings at the lobby lounge :joy: I was with Opi and Becky and we did talk about a need for an online community group. And it’s here! You did it! I look forward to participating in any way I can.

(Carson Weitnauer) #9

I’m not surprised to hear that I was eating chicken wings!! Yum. Wow, I didn’t realize we were talking about an online community then… that is SO encouraging. Thank you for the reminder. I’m excited about what’s happening in Connect!!

(Kristina Garcia) #10

Thank you @Jimmy_Sellers. Were you at the 2016 summer institute? Perhaps we were there at the same time.

(Jimmy Sellers) #11

Did they have a fire alarm during John Lennox morning presentation on Abraham? If they did I was there.:grinning:

(Kristina Garcia) #12

@Jimmy_Sellers ahahaha! OMG yes! I’ve forgotten about that :joy: