Introduction: Krystal K

(Krystal Kaptain) #1

Hi everyone,

I just met Mark Mittelberg’s son Matt, who suggested I join this online community to help with my street evangelism. Im excited to be here and look forward to connecting and learning!

(Lakshmi Mehta) #2

@Kaptain, Welcome to Connect! It’s great to have connections with someone like Mark Mittelberg! Look forward to hearing from your experiences. Glad you have joined!

(Krystal Kaptain) #3

Thank you so much!

(Joshua Spare) #5

Welcome to Connect, @Kaptain! I would love to hear more about what your street evangelism has looked like! Any good conversations recently? Maybe any questions that you have come across that have really stumped you or got you thinking?

(Krystal Kaptain) #6

Im very new to it and was inspired by Todd White and Will Hacker, so I’m more on the end of charismatic and teaching through the healing of the holy spirit. God has so far placed pretty easy people in front of me to begin with. The most difficult one I’ve had yet, was a man who was drunk, appeared to be homeless, and a bit possessed.
Outside of street evangelism, my ex is atheist/agnostic. He had a discussion with me about Darwinism and how he believes in evolution. I didn’t see how it conflicted with Genesis, maybe you can help?

(Keldon Scott) #7

Welcome aboard @Kaptain! Street evangelism is very challenging, especially when dealing with people who are not sober. Thank you for having that call. I look forward to reading your anecdotes and some of your other challenges that you face. Please do share those.

(Krystal Kaptain) #8

I most definitely will! Thank you for the welcome!

(Joshua Spare) #9

That is a great question, @Kaptain! To get you started, here are few conversations looking at a few aspects of that question:

Take a look at those first, and then feel free to follow up with some more questions in #daily-evangelism! I pray for God’s wisdom on you in your journey through this tough question!