Introduction: Laura Perry


(Laura Beth Perry) #1

Hi brothers and sisters in Christ in this community! My name is Laura Perry and i am fairly new to apologetics, but i will be attending the Emerging Apologists program this summer in Atlanta and I am so excited to grow in Christ and learn to better defend my faith.

I am a former transgender (of nearly 9 years including hormones, legal name/gender change and surgeries) and have realized the truly radical transforming power of Jesus Christ in a heart that was determined not to love or serve the God I was taught about all of my childhood. I look forward to connecting with others who share a love of Jesus and the scriptures that brought me to faith in Christ and to the truth of the reality of my sin.

(Helen Tan) #2

Hi Laura, welcome to Connect! It’s a great community where we share our questions, knowledge and thoughts as a family. What a great opportunity it is to be part of the Emerging Apologists program in Summer! I look forward to hearing more from you in the discussions.

(Laura Beth Perry) #3

Thank you Helen_Tan, nice to meet you!

(Carson Weitnauer) #4

H @laurabperry, welcome to Connect! I am so excited to meet you. Some of the most active members in Connect are alumni of the Emerging Apologists program - @SeanO and @Dave_Kenny come to mind! You’ll be joining a fantastic network through the program.

I hope to hear more of your story over time and to learn from your insights. Thank you for getting involved! We’re absolutely delighted you’ve joined.

(Keldon Scott) #6

Welcome. Really glad to have you aboard. It’s an exciting Journey when you know the source of your excitement. I hope you enjoy the program this summer and I trust this site will be a blessing to you. I look forward to reading your posts and engaging on this site with you.

(SeanO) #7

@laurabperry Welcome to Connect! I have fond memories of the EAP program - lots of hanging out, worship and asking deeper questions about the faith. I’m sure you’ll have a blast!

Praise God for His work in your life. May continue to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus! As C. S. Lewis said in the Narnia series - may you go “further up and further in”!

(Laura Beth Perry) #8

Thanks @CarsonWeitnauer Carson, i am so excited for EAP, glad to hear they are some of the most involved members. that’s great! Nice to meet you

(Laura Beth Perry) #9

thanks @Keldon_Scott! Yes, every day with Jesus is exciting! Not always easy, but exciting, definitely.

(Laura Beth Perry) #10

thanks @SeanO - EAP sounds like it is going to be amazing. so excited. how long ago did you take it?

(SeanO) #11

@laurabperry Just last fall. It was fun to hear peoples’ aspirations and see how they are trying to take apologetics into their various contexts.

(Omar Rushlive Lozada Arellano) #12

Hi @laurabperry. It’s encouraging to read you testifying of the transforming power of our Lord Jesus Christ. Welcome to Connect! Looking forward to learn with you in this community. :slight_smile:

(Ancil Peters) #14

Hi my name Ancil Peters from Trinidad and Tobago I am new to it also can you tell me about this conference

(Laura Beth Perry) #15

Here is the link ancil. It is a 4-day training in Atlanta, GA to learn apologetics and how to defend your faith.

I think it will be amazing!!

(Ancil Peters) #16

Thanks you so much.blessing to u

(Megan Kemp) #17

Hi @laurabperry - welcome to RZIM Connect! I, too, did Emerging Apologists - the first one last year in March of 2017. It was fantastic.

Most recently, I served on a mission trip to UC Berkeley’s campus and found how much the EAP helped me in the conversations with students on campus.

What are you looking forward to most about the program - from what you’ve seen of it so far?

(Laura Beth Perry) #18

thanks Megan! I am so excited to hear that you went to UC Berkeley recently. I watched it online and it was one of the best apologetics conferences I’ve ever seen. I really enjoyed Abdu Murray’s talk best. I would love to be involved in campus ministry someday. At AEP, I am looking forward most to learning how to answer objections and how to get to the heart of what people are asking so that i can answer people and not just their questions.

What was your favorite part of AEP? was there anything you wish you had prepared more for in advance? is there anything you would suggest reading or studying ahead of time?

(Megan Kemp) #19

I didn’t prepare in advance, and that worked for me. Your enthusiasm is enough to bring! I was delighted by the friendships I made there- something I didn’t necessarily expect, but given that we were all so passionate about apologetics and evangelism, it makes sense. We had a fun group.

I think you’ll find after EAP how much more prepared you’ll be for those conversations.

I really liked learning about and discussing “the art of conversation”.

And something I never forgot was Acts 17:27. It has given me great encouragement and peace when talking to people. No one is too far gone. God is near!

And I loved the session on cultural exegesis because, as far back as I can remember, I’ve been interested in the intersection of the Christian worldview and the culture in which we live.