Introduction: Laura

(Laura Prime) #1

Hi everyone, I’m Laura from Oxford. I work for UCCF, still feel relatively new in my faith as I came to faith as an undergraduate a few years ago. Interested particularly in the role of music and the arts when it comes to sharing our faith, and wanting to think more about ways we can answer the questions of our musician/artist friends.

(Warner Joseph Miller) #2

Oh, wow! Firstly, many continued congrats and celebrations of you’re coming to Christ! Truly, sister!
Secondly, welcome to CONNECT! Please begin, if you haven’t, already, to explore, comment and post. We’d love to hear your insights and hope that Connect acts as a blessing and benefit to your walk. God’s every blessing in Christ to ya!

(Laura Prime) #3

Many thanks! Enjoying what I’m reading so far!

(Daren L McClellan) #4

Hello Laura, I have to admit I needed to look up UCCF. Is that related to the InterVarsity ministry we have in the States? Welcome to Connect.

(Laura Prime) #5

Hi Daren, thanks very much! It is indeed related to InterVarsity Fellowship, in fact we’re all part of the wider IFES movement. My job however is more heavily weighted towards administration than directly working with students - so very much here to learn at the moment :slight_smile:

(Daren L McClellan) #6

Let me encourage you to ask questions. Unanswered questions can lead toward doubt. But there are good answers. Therefore, do not let a pebble become a stumbling stone.

(Laura Prime) #7

Thank you Daren! I shall indeed, in fact I have just submitted one about art in churches. I hope Connect is a good experience for you and helps you grow in your faith :slight_smile:

(Brittany Bowman) #8

Welcome, Laura! It is awesome to hear both that you have found Christ and now seek to know Him more deeply. I think you’ll find Connect as a great place to ask your questions, as well as questions your college students may ask of you, too. I’m excited to hear from you!

(Suzanne Richardson) #9

Hello and welcome Laura! It’s great to get to know you a bit, and it’s wonderful that you have come to faith! Conveying our faith through the artistic/musical platform is an interest as well - I look forward to reading your posts! Thank you for sharing :smile:

(Kathleen) #10

So glad you’ve joined us, @lauragrace73!! Have fun poking around a bit, and let’s see if we can get those other gals to join. Trinity Bellas, unite! :laughing:

(Devon ) #11

Welcome Laura, that sounds cool about wanting to share Christ through Music and Arts. I love the Arts and can see the impact that they have on people, so finding a way to sharing Christ through them would really reach a lot of people with The Truth of The Gospel.

(David Shropshire) #12

Hi Laura,

The book, Spiritual Lives of the Great Composers by Dr Patrick Kavanaugh may interest you. Patrick was a friend of mine until his death last year, and was the founder of the Master Works Festival.

Check out the Master Works Festival The leaders are like you, wanting to reach others with the gospel via the arts.

Blessings, David

(nehemiah) #13

welcome Laura

God bless you

(Laura Prime) #14

Hi David. Thanks very much for the book recommendation. I shall add it to my list.
I have heard of the Master Works Festival, though not sure where! Does it have any connection with Crescendo by any chance?

(Laura Prime) #15

Thank you @Dev, it has proved to be an interesting journey so far! Are you an artist yourself?

(Laura Prime) #16

Thanks @KMac! :raised_hands:t2:

(Laura Prime) #17

Thank you @Brittany_Bowman1 :slight_smile: I’m also looking forward to the conversations we have!

(David Shropshire) #18

Laura, I am not familiar with Crescendo. I am not musical at all, but appreciate those who are.

(Devon ) #19

Hi Laura,

I don’t know if I would call myself an Artist, but I do enjoy drawing, writing and, music. I do think that using Art in ministry is a great idea though, and if it’s done in God then He can do amazing things with it and open many doors.