Introduction: Lauren Rivera

(Lauren Rivera) #1

Happy Saturday everyone!

It is so wonderful to become connected with you! I am Lauren and I live in Florida with my two kiddos (12 & 4) but grew up in New Jersey. I am one semester away from my MDiv in Christian Apologetics from Liberty University and will then me be moving right into a Doctor of Education program. I have taken numerous courses through RZIM Academy and hoping to start another one shortly! I a High School History teacher for a local Christian Academy and hold my BA in History/Anthropology and MBA in Marketing. I use my schooling everyday with my students and am so grateful to be able to help equip them to defend their faith throughout such crucial years! I am also a lifelong musician and am involved in a community band and taught piano for many years.
I am so excited to become part of this community and begin to engage in necessary and fulfilling conversations. RZIM was very instrumental in my return to church, and in helping me to walk through my faith. God has used this ministry to reach so many people and I am so thankful for everything I have learned about Our Lord and our place in the universe because of the teachings of Ravi Zacharias and his team. THANK YOU and I look forward to discussions and learning more and more! God bless.

(Helen Tan) #2

Hi @starbather, a warm welcome to Connect ! I read your introduction with great interest as you have done/are doing so much academically, and am looking forward to your thoughts in the forums. Are there particular areas which you are exploring at the moment? I ask because there are many here with a wide range of knowledge and experience and I’m sure that there are many others who are keen to learn as you engage with this community. Looking forward to hearing more from you. God bless!

(Joshua Spare) #3

Welcome to Connect, @starbather! I am hugely impressed will all that you have going on between being a mother and a teacher and student, both in Academy courses and with your MDiv! Kudos to you! I’m sure that this community will be immensely blessed as you begin to engage with the conversations here. Blessings on you!

(Lakshmi Mehta) #4

@starbather, Welcome and glad to have you in this community! So good to hear of the opportunities you have had to share from your apologetics training with the high school students. Much needed! I look forward to learning more from your experiences as you engage in this community.

(Anthony Costello ) #5

Wow Lauren, you have quite a resume! I’m thrilled to have you here on Connect with us and look forward to hearing more from you, and engaging with your comments and questions. I pray the time you spend on this forum will truly benefit you spiritually, in both your personal life and in your ministry to the Church and in your evangelism.

God bless you and welcome.

in Christ,

(Bob Beck) #6

Hi Lauren,

I have taken two courses in the rzimacademy so far
and am considering an mdiv. Were you able to it completely
online with liberty? Please share your experience.


(Lauren Rivera) #7

I have done the entire degree online with Liberty, yes. It has been a great experience. The professors are amazing and the support through the school, from the professors, and colleagues has been outstanding! They off the MDiv with a number of different concentrations as well. I would recommend getting on the phone with them because they are excellent at waking you through all the steps!

(Lauren Rivera) #8

Hi Helen-

Thank you for your warm welcome! I hope this finds you well! I just finished up a great course on Biblical ethics and am looking forward to my final semester before graduation in the Spring! I am most excited for my current topics in apologetics course which starts in just a couple of weeks. I’ve had such fantastic courses it’s hard to think of all of them- it has been a long and wonderful road! Is there an area of study you are most interested in?

Blessings, peace and joy,
Lauren Rivera