Introduction: Laurie

(Laurie DePaolo) #1

Hi everyone, I just learned about RZIM connect by listening to a podcast (about 10 minutes ago) and I’m so glad to know this community exists! Looking forward to being a part of it.

(SeanO) #2

@Laurie Welcome to Connect! So glad you have joined us. May the Lord Jesus bless your time here. Look forward to hearing your thoughts and questions as we learn together.

(Laurie DePaolo) #3

Thanks Sean. I’ve been perusing the site and becoming more encouraged by the minute! What a wonderful wealth of resources is here, and seems to be laid out really nicely in a user-friendly way, even for a 60-year-old :grinning:

(Rebekah DeWitt) #4

Hi Laurie, I am new here too. Where are you from?

(SeanO) #5

@Laurie Glad to hear you are finding it encouraging and easy to navigate - @CarsonWeitnauer did a great job putting the website together. I am thankful each day for the community here.