Introduction: Leanne

(Leanne Gallanger) #1

Hi everyone, I recently completed the core module with RZIM and am eager to stay active in this community. I’m here to grow and to encourage you.

I’m a stay at home mom at the moment, as well as an x-ray tech at a ski resort up here in the Pacific Northwest. I grew up partly in Virginia and partly here in Washington. I was in the army for 7 years, where my faith took a huge hit (it’s not the most encouraging environment haha). Through all of my doubts and questions, Jesus stayed true and my goal is to reach out to others that are sifting through the “stuff”, searching for truth. I look forward to meeting you all.

(Joshua Spare) #2

Welcome to Connect, @LeanneG! I hope you have time to ski in addition to being an X-ray tech and mom! I just had a weekend skiing in the mountains in Colorado; I don’t know that I can think of a more enjoyable way to spend a weekend! It is a phenomenal year for snow in this part of the country - is that the case in the Pacific Northwest as well?

Also, well done on completing the Core Module! Have you been able to put to use some of what you learned? Again, welcome to Connect! I look forward to seeing you out on the forums!

(Leanne Gallanger) #3

I have had opportunities in ways I didn’t expect. I have found a boldness in me I’ve never had and I find myself leading dialogue and encouraging other Christians and teaching everyone. Passion is contagious.

As far as skiing, I don’t. My knees disagree with the sport, BUT! I get a free pass each time I work and I give it to my husband so it all works out. The snow in our part hasn’t reached ‘epic’ but it’s enough to play in :slight_smile:

(Joshua Spare) #4

That is fantastic to hear how how you have grown in boldness! And even more exciting to see how it has opened up opportunities to lead other Christians into doing the same!

As far as skiing, my father has managed to destroy both of his shoulders, go back to skiing after 10 years or so, and then fracture his fibula, so I see the wisdom in avoiding the slopes, but I do so mourn the loss for you! :wink: I hope your husband is ever so grateful for those opportunities!

(Keldon Scott) #5

Welcome aboard @LeanneG. So glad you were able to take the core module. Wasn’t awesome? In very glad that the hound of heaven I was chasing and being so faithful in your life. I am confident that you will stay encouraged and growing in your faith with the dialog that happens here. Participate often. Check in frequently. I look forward to reading your posts. God-bless your journey.

(Bronwyn pearse) #6

Hi Leanne, Bronie from Australia here. I’m jealous, living in a cooler climate would feel like bliss at the moment we are having a heat wave here.
Although I haven’t done the core module yet , I’ve been reading the books and listening to Ravi and the team for a number of months. It’s been probably one of the most encouraging moments in my Christian walk I’ve had. Like you I’ve found a new found boldness around my non Christian colleagues and my Christian friends . Others have been encouraged by what I have been sharing and I have been having a long friendly debate with a long term colleague who I know has been an atheist for many years. We’ve been sharing utube clips and disc using them at length Partly because of our discussion he now calls himself a theist which is progress. I have known this friend for over 12 years and it’s only been now I’ve felt brave enough to discuss the heavy issues with him. You know one of the words I’ve had over this time is the scripture which says”! the lord has called us to bear fruit, fruit which will last. “ the only thing which will last in eternity is the harvest of souls which the lord also points us too. So Leanne keep taking the opportunities when they arise. Keep being you and I’m sure you will see the lord continue to use your new found understandings of the amazing gospel message . X Bronie

(Leanne Gallanger) #7

Hello! I think we should trade climates for a bit haha. Thank you for the encouragement. I’m excited for your friend. Coming to a place where you can admit that there is a creator/intelligent being is a huge step. My brothers in particular (2 younger ones) are on my radar. They claim more of an atheistic view on things. It’s heartbreaking :frowning:

(Bronwyn pearse) #8

Hi Leanne yes your log fire looks very inviting :blush:. You know never underestimate your prayers and the work of the Holy Spirit. After getting a bit anxious about those around me who did not know Jesus personally , I seemed to take on a different outlook about it all. If at the very least they know the gospel story , then you’ve thrown them the life raft as it were. We are not to know , whether at the point of death, they cry out to Jesus and grab the life raft. Don’t underestimate your witness. Be there for them, make them a meal , babysit , whatever the need , be you. That’s what makes us different from the self focused atheist. Although I know they can be beautiful people.

I’m sure the light will shine through.
Above all don’t worry about them. Give that to our Heavenly Father. He’s got broad shoulders. One thing I’ve decided to do in my morning devotions is to light a candle for my friends and family etc who are on my heart. It will help focus my prayer I think . Just ask the lord to soften their hearts to the gospel message. I would never had believed my friend would have moved along the line of thought to at least believe there is a god. But with the help of the reasoning that Ravi and his team has shown me this has happened. Get the fundamentals on atheism into you. Know how to present a sound response. Remember “ behind every question there is a questioner” and opportunities will open up for discussion… Anything can happen when we learn and pray. I’ll be praying for you Leanne , keep in touch. God bless !! Now I have to venture out in 106 degrees Fahrenheit (113 degrees tomorrow) must go xx Bronie