Introduction: Les from California

(Les) #1

Hi everyone; my name is Les and I am presently enrolled in the RZIM academy learning to become a better apologist. Believe me I have a long way to go! I am also involved with an online evangelism website, and it is my hope that I will be help to call on some of you for your wisdom when I’m confronted with a tough situation.
I spent many decades ignoring God, living my sinful life as I saw fit. 26 years ago, I surrendered to Christ and have not been the same since. I look forward to getting know many of you.

(Warner Joseph Miller) #2

Glad to have you here, Les from California! I’m Warner from Brooklyn!:wink: Welcome to Connect!

(Les) #3

Thanks Warner! You’re my first official connection on this site :wink:.

(Carson Weitnauer) #4

Hi @Lhugie,

Welcome! I am so glad you are enrolled in the RZIM Academy! An incredible experience and an excellent training program. Please share the tough questions you get from the online evangelism website here. We would be delighted to hear them, to encourage you, and to help provide answers.