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Hi Everyone! My name is Lindsay Brandt. I am a 32-year-old stay-at-home mom of two, with one on the way and due in August. While homeschooling my kids, I also attend school at Grand Canyon University and will obtain my Bachelor’s in Christian Studies (with an emphasis in biblical studies) in February of next year. I plan to go on to get my Master’s in apologetics. As a side note, I have also recently been officially brought on board to help teach our main Bible study at our church under a brilliant mentor and recently got the opportunity to teach alongside our pastor. I’m extremely excited about that, because, well, all things Bible light a fire under my seat, and I cannot imagine not being able to share what I have learned with others!

I grew up in a home that was merely professed Christian, but I sensed the Lord’s presence at a very early age. Even though there was some violence in my home and other ungodly activity, I could always sense God with me, watching over and protecting me. My grandmother, as I got older talked about God to my brothers and me all the time, and when I got into junior high, I felt the Lord drawing me, calling me to Him, and so I began reading my Bible and could hardly stop. I couldn’t get enough. I committed my life to the Lord when I was in the 8th grade. There is more to the story, but that is a very long story, so I will stop at the time of my commitment to the Lord.

Now, with a husband that also did not grow up in a Christian home, we are working to make sure our home is God-honoring and that we are not only simply labeling ourselves as Christians but actually working to live that out before the eyes of our children, families and neighbors. To that end, we have both become very interested and passionate about apologetics, and as soon as I graduate in February, we plan on beginning to take more courses in the RZIM Academy. We are talking about finding ways to reach out to our community better, and we want to make sure we are well equipped to do that. Conversation in communities such as this one really help with that, and I am excited about the opportunity to be a part of it.

That being said, I will be on as much as I can. My classes at GCU have become more intense and focused, so I have much work to do outside of this and may not be able to post or be on as much as I want initially.

Thanks and Grace!


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Hi Lindsay, welcome to Connect! I’m so inspired by your love for God and the amount of things you have taken on, being a mum of 2 with a third on the way. I love that you and your husband are passionate about building a God-honouring home and family. I have learned and grown from all the RZIM Academy courses I’ve taken and I’m sure that you will too. I look forward to hearing from you as and when you find time to. God bless!

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Hi Lindsay, welcome to Connect! Thank you for sharing your story with us - it is a jolt of encouragement!

I think it is exciting that you and your husband are so focused on living for the Lord. That foundation of integrity is going to bear fruit in so many other ways. May God give you favor as you encourage others at church and in your neighborhood, and especially as you raise your children to walk in the pathway of Jesus.

The RZIM Academy is an outstanding resource. We would be delighted if you supplement what you learn there with the amazing community in RZIM Connect. There’s a fair bit of overlap. :slight_smile:

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Thank you, Helen!

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Thank you, Carson!

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HI Lindsay!

Welcome to RZIM Connect! Congratulations on being brought on board to teach Bible study at your church! What is your plan for that next- what topic? How might you incorporate apologetics into your church’s Bible study?

Welcome, sister.

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Hi, Megan. Thank you for the warm welcome. Right now, I am officially a teacher but I am co-teaching with my elder mentor. While trying to decide what to teach, he usually asks me what I think and what we should move to next, but for now, at least, the decision is ultimately his. Currently we are doing a survey of each of the books in order to show how they fit into the big overall picture of God’s redemptive plan that the Bible as a whole presents. Mr. Gifford (my mentor) is big on apologetics, and we often weave apologetics into the study whenever we can. For instance, going through the Old Testament, we might point out to our group the hints at the Trinity tucked within the text. Last week when I taught while Mr. Gifford was gone, we were going through some chapters in Isaiah in which God is giving a passionate speech to convince His people to turn from their idols and back to Him. He challenges them to see whether or not their idols can breathe life into people and so on. Though that polemic may not be convincing to atheists today necessarily, it may well have been convincing for some of the Israelites because people in those days already believed in gods of some sort. I used that as a platform to briefly talk about apologetics and why it is important for every Christian to be equipped to give a reason for the hope that he/she has.
Also, after I took a core module course at RZIM, I took to hounding (respectfully) my pastor about making apologetics more prominent and more of a priority at the church. My mentor Mr. Gifford hopped onto what I was trying to do and convinced our skeptical pastor that there is a dire need for apologetics in the times that we are in. The pastor jumped on board, asked Mr. Gifford and me to teach an apologetics study (Mr. Gifford is much further along in his study of apologetics than I am, so I didn’t do much teaching for that), and even introduced it to the entire church on a Sunday and promoted the Bible study. I am working on convincing the pastor to actually let me facilitate one of the available programs RZIM offers for small groups outside of the normal Bible study.
That is a long answer to your question, but that is where we are at in incorporating apologetics into the Bible study and also trying to make sure our church is equipping people for effective conversation with unbelievers.
Have you taken any of the RZIM Academy courses? If so, which ones? I think once I graduate with my Bachelor’s in February, my husband and I will both take the beginning core module course (that way I have a refresher), and then I really want to take some of the electives, like the one on Islam. In today’s world, we have amazing opportunities to act as missionaries in our own back yard because of the ease and frequency of travel. I think we would be remiss to not take full advantage of that.

Thanks for the opportunity for conversation, Megan.