Introduction: Lleyton

(Lleyton Herb) #1

Hi everyone

(Lleyton Herb) #2

I just fumbled my way through my first post. I am Lleyton. I am just 16 as a Junior in high school, but I am extremely interested in growing my faith and strength in God. I am a leader of an FCA at school, but we are very small right now. I heard about this app through RZIM’s Let My People Think that my family and I watch on Sunday nights. I look forward to learning.

(Warner Joseph Miller) #3

Welcome to CONNECT community, Lleyton!! So glad that you found your way here. I hope and am expectant that you will find this community a great resource to you with regard to your growth in the Lord. God’s every blessing to you! Again, WELCOME!

(Carson Weitnauer) #4

HI @LleytonH58,

Welcome! I was involved in FCA in high school too! We would love for everyone in your FCA group to join Connect and use this site as a place to ask any and all tough questions about Christianity, how to share the gospel in a certain situation, etc. I think it would be so cool if the global community could pray for, encourage, and strengthen your FCA group.

And - I imagine we have a lot to learn from you and your friends! It would be a blessing to learn from your perspective as well.

I’m glad you’ve joined!

(Lleyton Herb) #5

Thank you both very much for your strong support, and again I am very excited to involve myself with global Christian discussion from RZIM.

(Kathleen) #6

Welcome, @LleytonH58! I love that you’ve joined us here on Connect. I pray that God will use this community to strengthen and encourage you in your everyday life as a student. Do let us know any questions either you or others come up against. May God bless your witness for him in your school!