(Lloyd Pulley) #1

Hi everyone,

I’m from New Jersey

I’m a follower of Jesus since 1976 and active in ministry serving and encouraging believers and joined this forum frankly because there is nothing else out there quite like this. I hope to learn and encourage others on it and will be encouraging others who could benefit from it to join.

No questions presently, but happy to be a part of any conversation to stretch my grasp of apologetics and to glean ways to better encourage others.

(SeanO) #2

@Lloyd Welcome to Connect! Glad you have joined us and may the Lord Jesus bless you as you walk with Him. Look forward to hearing from you on the forms.

(Lloyd Pulley) #3

Thank you kindly. Looking forward to it.

(Olivia Davis) #4

Hi Lloyd! Indeed, there is nothing else quite like this! I am sure that you will be an encouragement to others and I look forward to learning with you on the forums :slight_smile:

(Keldon Scott) #5

Welcome aboard @Lloyd. Glad you have joined. 42 years of being a follower will be a great help for this forum. And I look forward to reading your posts. God-bless your ministry and your path.

(Kathleen) #6

Welcome to Connect, @Lloyd! We’re glad you’ve joined us! :slight_smile: