Introduction: Madison Hablas

(Madison Hablas) #1

Hi guys! My name is Madison Hablas, I’m a student at Samford Univeristy. My dad works for the RZIM Atlanta location and pointed me towards this app, as I have been asking a lot of religious/theological questions lately! I haven’t formulated my first question yet, but stay tuned!

Thanks for letting me be apart of this community!

(Lou Hablas) #2

@mhablas I love you, Madison, and am so glad you joined Connect!

(LaTricia J.) #3

Welcome @mhablas! You have questions, there will be answers here for sure. Also, feel free to browse sub-forums for questions and topics that have already been brought up. You’re more than welcomed to add additional comments and questions to anything that already exists if you have an interest in it.

(Monty Dicksion) #4

Hi Madison - Welcome!

(Kathleen) #5

Welcome, @mhablas! I had a number of good friends who went to Samford. It’s a lovely place! Blessings on your studies, and we’re glad you’ve joined us here!