Introduction: Marciano Viereck

(Marciano) #1

Hello RZIM people,

My name is Marciano, I’m from the Netherlands and I recently completed the core module and really loved it. I’m planning to follow the ‘engaging the modern world’ module and ‘Islam Elective’ module as well!

I wasn’t raised a Christian and I’ve never really wanted to become one. But three years ago an event happened that lead to a search for more. I read many books, but came up with more questions than answers. I kept reading and reading, until I started reading the book ‘I don’t have enough faith to be an Atheist’. I didn’t want to read this book at first, because on page one it said ‘everyone can believe, but not everyone wants to’. But I thought to myself, am I a sissy or what? If I’m so sure that God doesn’t exist, I’ll read this whole book and God still won’t exist. Well, quarter-way through the book I was already convinced that my worldview was built on sand. And that God actually does exist, that my (Atheistic) worldview doesn’t even get close to explain many realities of life (and even the origin of it). But I was stubborn and still didn’t want to become ‘religious’, but thank God that a year later I gave my life to Christ. Much happened in between and afterwards, but I’ll leave it at this for now.

At first I was very scared of talking about my (new) faith, because people that I know didn’t really like it that I became a Christian. But when I found my new (and current) Church, I really got into evangelism and really enjoyed it and understood the importance of it. Which then lead me to talking to a guy in Church who spoke about Ravi Zacharias, which lead me to looking up some videos, which lead me to be mind-blown. Because I always thought (before really looking into it) that Christianity was ‘intellectual-suicide’, but in fact I found the contrary. And ever since, I’ve talked to many friends and people about Christ, and found that most of them have no idea how Christ really is and what Christianity really is about, and when I tell them who Christ really is, they are intrigued and surprised!

The videos of Ravi lead me to listening to his podcast, which then lead me to the core module and here I am!

Thanks for reading, if you have questions or anything, please feel free to ask!

(Randall Banfield) #2

Welcome, may God bless your journey getting to know our savior Jesus.

(Kathleen) #3

@marciano.viereck! What an encouragement to read your post! And even though it’s been three years, I feel like I need to say, ‘welcome to the family!’ :slight_smile: I hope this community is an encouragement to you in your faith. Looking forward to interacting with you out on the forum!