Introduction: Mariana Aguirre

(Mariana Aguirre) #1

My name is Mariana .I work as a teacher of young children and therapy’s behavior . I consider myself a life long student. I receive My Lord and Savior 10 years but really walking with Him only 5 years ago .Concurrent part time student of Theology
I enjoy reading and studying the Word Of God, literature,classicals,and
worship music , bike ,swimming, enjoy simple - complex people and simple food too.
I see now myself as discipulo -servant of Jesus Christ and He means everything to me. Is my desire to become all what God wants me to be. A person of the book, the Holy Bible. Iam interested in Apologetics and Evangelist because I consider an underserve guardian of God’s True. Why RZIM . I lisened this morning pot cast and was special moved me , when in other places our family in Christ worship in tents and some have to wait a long time to get a a Billie , here I consider myself special bless and have respect to this ministry for the sincerity and real care for people and their needs, and the passion for defend our Christian Faith. Thank you for the opportunity to share and get to know you each of you , and Looking to give and grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord Jeus Christ . In his perfect will.
Tks Mary.

(Daniel Mchimba) #2

@mariana, welcome to RZIM Connect its Good thing to walk with the lord and do his work to share with others. I just joined few days ago also and am blessed to be part of this community, I feel confortable to be here to share ask and also be blessed with alot of encouraging messages people share. My prayer and hope is to see everyone be blessed and be strong in faith.
May the God lord Jesus christ bless you all

(Keldon Scott) #3

Welcome aboard @Mariana_Aguirre. We are very glad you are with us. We love your enthusiasm. I trust your involvement will be a blessing to all of us, as well as yourself. I look forward to reading your posts.

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Welcome, @Mariana_Aguirre! We’re so glad you have found us here on Connect. :slight_smile: What part of the world do you join us from?

(Mariana Aguirre) #5

Hi from South Florida USA.