Introduction: Mariesol Flores

(Marie Flores) #1

Hi everyone!
I’m glad I came accross with this link. I will be living and working in the US soon and since I will be alone this would really help me not to get home sick reading all your thoughts here also give me a lot about how other view their faith in God. I love watching Dr. Ravi Zacharias in his talks and I am learning a lot from it the jokes are the best too!
God bless us all!

(Lakshmi Mehta) #2

@MC_Flores, Welcome to Connect! I am so glad you have chosen this community of the many options. Its a place not only to find good answers to questions but also to be prayed for and connect with other believers who may be asking the same questions you are. I pray for God’s blessings as you try to settle and adjust in a new country and form new relationships.

(Marie Flores) #3

Thank you so much! :blush::heart:

(Lori Walker) #4

@MC_Flores , Welcome to Connect! I am glad the Lord led you here, and I look forward to reading your posts in the future. I hope your time in the US is fruitful for you spiritually and otherwise and that you find what you seek here. If you start to get homesick, remember that Christ is always with you and will never forsake you. He is The Great Comforter as well as the savior of the world. Trust God and leave all the consequences to Him. Much love to you, God bless you and yours.

(Joshua Spare) #5

Welcome to Connect, @MC_Flores! I am sure that you will find great nourishment and encouragement here on Connect and the community that we have here. That said, I also will pray that you find a great community of believers wherever it is in the US that you are moving! Community, both online and in person, is always ever so necessary and ever so refreshing, and I pray that you find Connect to be just so. Blessings on you!

(Omar Rushlive Lozada Arellano) #6

Hello @MC_Flores! Welcome to Connect, I do encourage you in being part of a local church as you work in the US soon. I’m glad to see you here, and may we be able to grow together as a community in the knowledge and love of God. :slight_smile:

(Kathleen) #7

Welcome, @MC_Flores! We’re glad you’ve found your way here. :slight_smile: Where in the US will you be relocating to? Moving to a foreign country is both the most exciting AND the most daunting event ever. I will be praying for your transition and adjustment period, and I hope your whole experience is a positive one! All the best to you, and look forward to seeing you out on the forum.

(Marie Flores) #8

I am positive about that been praying for a church and friends who are truly Christ Followers eversince I started my credentialing for my licensure. God is with me that is for sure. Thank you very much!

(Marie Flores) #9

Hi thank you very much! I will be a travelling PT so I will move from one place to another it will be hard maybe for few month but I know I will get through it. Thank God for this group I will be learning a lot from here and the conversation is highly intellectual :blush: