Introduction: Marilyn Duncan


(Marilyn C Duncan) #1

Hi everyone, I’m so happy to be part of this forum for learning and encouragement!

I am just completing the Core Module at RZIM and have loved it! So much to learn, but so many resources for living out the Gospel in our culture.

I am a long-time believer; however, I hold to the idea that we must never stop learning, never stop seeking, never stop sharing as we live this life with our Lord and fellow-believers. I find our current culture challenging, but am looking for ways to be relevant without compromising Truth!

Looking forward to figuring out how this works and being in community with all of you.
Blessings, MD

(Carson Weitnauer) #2

Hi @mdrn67, welcome to Connect! I am so glad you had an awesome experience with the RZIM Academy! It is an incredible experience. Many Academy alumni have found that Connect is a great place to stay engaged in conversation and growth between the courses they take at the Academy. We’d be honored to keep learning and growing with you!

(Omar Rushlive Lozada Arellano) #3

I affirm your attitude @mdrn67. A Christian who always learns and is immersed with the Word would indeed be able to stand in our changing times. I’m excited for your journey and in hearing that you finished the Core Module. Welcome to Connect! :slight_smile:

(Megan Kemp) #4

Hi Marilyn!

Welcome to RZIM Connect! What did you like best about the Core Module?

(Marilyn C Duncan) #5

Hi Megan! I really enjoyed every bit of it…it was very mentally challenging, which is good for me, yet brought with it a sense of God’s presence in the Truth which was so well presented. A couple of times, I was just in awe after the presentation.

Every lecture was done with excellence. There are supporting notes for each. Our group leader was very involved in keeping conversations going, modeling for us how to respond with gentleness and encouragement, even if we had questions. His instructions for assignments were clear and concise.

Most of my group seemed to have a singular goal in mind…to strengthen the “WHY” of our belief system…to learn more about how to relate to those with differing world views, and to more deeply follow our Lord.

I encourage you to do it if possible! Doing all the other modules hinges on having completed the Core Module.

Look forward to connecting further on RZIM Connect!