Introduction: Mark Erickson

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I’m from Grand Forks North Dakota. I took the Core Module and enjoyed the experience, staying with connect seems like a great way to continue the experience. I hope to contribute by offering a perspective of sharing Jesus with university students on a secular campus.

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Hi, Mark. I see that you are related in some way to the secular student and would love to hear how you relate Jesus to them. So many of my students are out there and I try to reach them in class but am limited in what I say. Any words of wisdom?

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Hello Debra! I lead a ministry that is focused on reaching university students. We do a large group service with worship, preaching, and receiving prayer opportunities. We train students to lead Bible studies on campus to reach their classmates.

For me personally, connecting with students looks like a lot of pick up sports, eventually a coffee conversation, then I utilize a lot of Ravi’s questions in Origin, Meaning, Morality and Destiny. In that I’m attempting to build trust in a new friendship and an open dialogue about truth.

I hope that helps! Great question.

What have you been doing to connect with students?

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Welcome to Connect, Mark! :slight_smile: It is wonderful to hear of your heart to reach university students, such a life stage that can really be influential for years to come. What led to your interest in this ministry?

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Thanks for asking! I grew up identifying as a Christian. Then when I went to college I met real Christians that lived out there faith. I quickly realized that I did not actually live a Christian life. I decided I wanted to really know God and really be a Christian. Once college was over I realized there are so many people that grow up like me, thinking they are okay with God because they say they are but really live contrary to the Bible. I desire to see those young college students wake up to the Truth like I was.

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Welcome @mark.erickson.2 :slightly_smiling_face: I’m sure you found the core module very helpful as many others have. I pray the Lord blesses you as you share your faith and give hope to these students :pray:t2:

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Welcome aboard @mark.erickson.2. Glad you are here. Your perspective and experiences will be a blessing to many here. I hope you find the discussions enlightening and enjoyable. What was your favorite part of the core module? God-bless you and your journey.

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What a lovely testimony! I’m sure many people will relate with what you experienced. I appreciate your heart for those students who haven’t quite grasped the truth and all that it means for them. I also like hearing what you said above about how you connect with those students. What do you find is most helpful in opening people up to talk about deep, spiritual things? Because that is often a challenge I face when I talk to my peers on campus. What have you experienced?Thank you!

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(Debra Dunkerley) #9

Mark, I don’t have much opportunity to connect outside the classroom. The school so programmed that I don’t see them outside of the gen ed that I teach. They are mostly within their program and I am an outsider who does not participate in any other part of their educational process. It’s an interesting culture at this school, but I try to make them think when I have them in class.

I like the idea you have of focusing around the “Ravi 4” concepts. I am re-working my class in prep for next term and am going to start the ethics discussion with a worldview discussion first. Thanks for the idea!

Blessings, D2

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Welcome Mark!