Introduction: Mark S

(M Schmidt) #1

Hi everyone,
I’m Mark, I live in Southwest Michigan and work as an engineer. My faith really came alive while I was attending a college campus church. I’ve found a love for understanding the rational side of our faith and the art of communicating that to other people. I started by watching youtube videos and have now been listening regularly to 4 of the RZIM padcasts (One of which recommended checking out this site). Looking forward to seeing what comes out of this community.

(Stephen Livingston) #2

Welcome to the site. I am new here as well, working in Virginia as a software engineer. What type of engineering do you do? I find it common that engineers are drawn to the rational side of apologetics.

(M Schmidt) #3

Hi Stephen!
I work as an embedded software engineer so similar if not the same! I agree, there’s a shared approach to problems and questions between apologetics and engineering. Agreed upon rules of logic/physics, evaluating evidence, the expectation that things can be explained and should be consistent.

(Brittany Bowman) #4

Welcome, Mark! It’s encouraging to hear your experience with a campus ministry sparked your faith. What are some of your favorite YouTube videos? :smiley:

(M Schmidt) #5

Thanks Brittany!
I’ve always really enjoyed watching/listening to the Q&A and debate videos. I do appreciate the dedicated presentations that RZIM speakers have given but what is unique about the Q&A and debates is that those who disagree are given a chance to offer their rebuttal or concern.
Since then I’ve stopped generally watching the videos and have been listening to the RZIM podcasts. Just thinking is just like the videos I enjoyed but much easier to play on my phone.

(Prashanth Daniel) #6

Welcome to RZIM Connect, Mark!

I have fond memories of when I was first drawn to the rationality of the Christian faith. I lived in India at the time and only a few miles from the nearest RZIM branch office. I would devour their DVDs and books regularly. The resources I enjoyed watching the most were the open forums that RZIM did at university campuses. The Q&A sessions were the most fun!

Anyways, welcome brother!

(Omar Rushlive Lozada Arellano) #7

Hello Mark (@MCSchmidt)! Welcome to Connect! I hope to grow with you as we learn in this community. The rational side of our faith is a good endeavor to pursue. I’m happy you found a love for it. Personally, it helped me in guiding my practice and my worship. :slight_smile: