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Hi everyone
My name is Megan Lykke MD. I am a family medicine physician and I teach at a family medicine residency in Colorado,
USA. I am excited to always learn more about reaching the hurting doctors around me with God’s love. I have been searching for answers to my own questions for the last 15 years and have found that slowly and with much study God is answering them! I am married with 2 young children and love mountain biking, knitting, and spinning (yarn). Glad to join!

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@meglyk Welcome to Connect! May the Lord Jesus bless you and your family as you walk with Him. Look forward to hearing from you out on the forums.

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Welcome, @meglyk! I’m excited to have you join this community! It sounds like you have a wealth of experience, and I look forward to hearing more from you as you engage here.

In your steady study of hard questions, what is one of the toughest questions that you have wrestled with? Or what is a frequent question that you encounter from other physicians in your experience?

Again, welcome! I hope you find great edification in joining this wonderful community.

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Hello and thanks! Excited to join! I don’t know that I am all that experienced but I figure if I can’t answer my own questions, then how would I ever help someone else answer theirs?I think one of the toughest questions I have wrestled with (not for me personally but for a patient) is “How could I ever be happy in Heaven if the man who abused me is forgiven and there?” It is “easy” to look at it philosophically, but what do you tell the patient in front of you whose entire life has been altered surrounding these terrible things? What I have come up with so far has been thinking about what would be the very best thing that could happen to this person. The very best thing I could think of would be if you could go back in time and erase what happened. Well, my answer is Heaven will be “like” that. Not that it will be exactly that, but that it will be better than the best thing I can think of. If anyone has other answers to that question, please let me know! Megan

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First off, welcome Megan!

Secondly, oh wow. As someone who has a number of friends who are ICU doctors and nurses, my heart is right there with you! The field of medicine opens up so many avenues for real conversation, and I will be praying for you as you follow the Holy Spirit’s lead with your colleagues and those who are under your care. :slight_smile:

Thirdly, I’d encourage you at some point to actually post that question (and perhaps your response) in one of our Daily Evangelism forums. I’d be interested to see how our thoughtful community weighs in on such an intense question as well.

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Thanks, I’ll give that a try! Still figuring this community out:)


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Hi Megan,

Click on this link and you’ll be sent to a page to create a new Topic in the #daily-evangelism category. The question you’ve raised, “How could I ever be happy in Heaven if the man who abused me is forgiven and there?” is a really challenging one. I would be curious to learn from the experiences of other community members. For now, I just groan in grief that some of us have to journey through life with these memories.

I’m glad you’re here and I look forward to growing in faith with you.

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great! I gave it a try, let me know if it didn’t work!

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Hi Megan! So good to see you again! I have missed you and our fellow core module classmates. I will also post an introduction but am trying to navigate this Connect website and am a bit overwhelmed at the moment. Hope you are well.


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Hi Megan! You did a great job! Thank you for starting an important conversation in Connect.

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HI! Yes, glad to see you! It is overwhelmed figuring all this out, but we’ll get there:)

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Hi Megan, welcome
I am a medical doctor too, a physician in intensive care medicine. I am concerned too with reaching my colleagues, many of whom are struggling in so many different ways. I have found conversations and interviews stimulated by RZIM courses to be very useful to open dialogue and avenues of exploring topics together.
Im married too, with four boys and a girl on the way, busy but Psalm 139 is so rich in telling us how intimately the Lord makes us in the womb- its exciting to see his work!

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Awesome! thanks so much for contacting me! Lets stay in contact!

I have taken the RZIM Academy Core module and just started the engaging the modern world elective. Have you taken any others?


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hi, yes, Ive taken all the available courses!
to my mind these are world class lectures as well as being great material for teaching the next generation of christians coming through.