Introduction - Mei from Singapore

(Mei) #1

Hi! Completed the core module last year and looking forward to learn more about how God is working through RZIM and the movements all around the world. In Singapore, we are gearing for the celebration of hope - 40 years after billy graham rally in Singapore. Our church motto is personal evangelism on a mass scale whereby instead of focusing on the rally event, we focus on reaching out to others, engaging them before the rally and follow up after. God is on the move :slight_smile:

(Keldon Scott) #2

Welcome aboard @meihua.yee. I love the dialog we have here being able to converse with somebody from Singapore is amazing. God-bless your time here and your journey there. I hope your time here will be a blessing. Also, blessings to you in your preparation and anticipation of your local evangelical efforts. Please do participate often. Thank you for being with us.

(Lakshmi Mehta) #3

@meihua.yee, Welcome to Connect. How wonderful to see your heart for evangelism! May this community be a blessing to you in your efforts. Look forward to your contributions to the forums.

(Timothy Bailey) #4

Welcome to connect. I’m a new member too. It’s amazing what impact Billy Graham had on Singapore 40 years ago if you are still celebrating today! He was someone I really admired.

(Jonathan Escobido) #5

Hello mei! It is awesome to see you again here in RZIMConnect. We are classmates in core module. God bless you and your church.

(Mei) #6

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome :slight_smile: And the Celebration of Hope event in Singapore in May this year is not so much an intentional commemoration of Billy Graham crusade 40 years ago, but an event as part of God speaking to various church leaders in our country, and many of them separately coming together to make 2018 a year of prayer and 2019, the year of proclamation. We just feel that it is time for a spiritual blessing and urge church members to do our part in personal evangelism for the whole year. :slight_smile:
Is God on the move in your city?