Introduction: Mele Martinez


(Mele Martinez) #1

Hi everyone, my name is Mele and I am from Tucson, Arizona.

I’m a wife and mother of two girls: Lola, age 13 and Gloria, age 5. I am a creative writer and flamenco artist and I teach 1st year college English courses at the University of Arizona. I am currently writing a book length manuscript, The Molino, a story about God’s faithful presence. This memoir in vignettes is written both in prose and poetry. The story is set in one of Tucson’s oldest tamal and tortilla factories, a business opened by my great-grandfather in 1933.

I was raised Catholic but became a christian in adulthood. I have been following RZIM for over a decade and I’ve been blessed by the many messages I’ve heard, watched, and read. I’m grateful for this ministry.

As christians and Mexican-Americans living in the Southwest, my family and I have struggled to find a church home. We are enthusiastic to engage issues of Christian ethnic/cultural diversity and how we as believers might share the gospel message in different (and often artistic) languages.

Thankful to God for His work through RZIM and looking forward to finding a new RZIM community here.

(Megan Kemp) #2

Hi there, Mele!

I’m so glad you’ve joined RZIM Connect. Welcome!

I first saw flamenco in Albuquerque this past spring. I had always wanted to see it, and it was outstanding!

Your book sounds fascinating regarding God’s faithful presence. What an encouraging truth to remember.

Bless you, and I hope you make yourself at home in this online community.

In Christ,

(Melvin Greene) #3

Hi @melemartinez! It’s great to have you here! I pray that God blesses your efforts with writing that manuscript. I look forward to interacting and learning from you here at Connect.

(Mele Martinez) #4

Hi Megan, good to meet you. So glad you got to see flamenco in Albuquerque - the Sevilla of North America! My husband and I trained in Albuquerque and were part of the American Flamenco Repertory Company there. We attend the International Flamenco Festival each year there and love Albuquerque as our second home.


(Mele Martinez) #5

Thank you, Melvin! Good to meet you.

(Carson Weitnauer) #6

Hi @melemartinez,

Welcome! It is an honor to have you join the community; I am confident that we will be greatly blessed by your involvement. It is so important that we engage with our brothers and sisters in the faith from many ethnicities and cultures. I find that these relationships open my eyes and heart up to so much more than I could see from my own vantage point.

Also, may God give you wisdom as you work on The Molino - it sounds very interesting. Working on books is an interesting process - I’m always glad when they are done! It is encouraging to see how they continue to bless others for many years afterwards.

Again, welcome!

(Mele Martinez) #7

Thanks Carson, good to meet you.