Introduction: Melissa

Hi everyone, I am new to this type of communication and having a bit of trouble navigating the site. I’m wandering now in search of the 5 posts I think I’m required to read before “qualifying” as a participant.


Hi Melissa @Honeybee! Welcome to Connect!
How did you find out about it?
I don’t quite remember but I think those are like the RZIM Connect ethics standards. But go ahead start navigating each category: Bible questions, daily evangelism or book studies. You will see various topics, click on any you can find the “reply” button if you want to participate in the discussions. You can also find a ‘new topic’ when you click the Category. You can use it if you have some questions or thoughts that you want to share with us.
I am glad you joined Melissa. Looking forward to your contributions. If you have any other inquiries go ahead and tell us :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard @Honeybee. You will get it. As you surf around things will start making sense. We are glad you are here. I trust you will enjoy the conversations. Some really good articles that are pretty easy to get to. Try searching using the search icon toward the top of the screen. Looks like a magnifying glass. Type a word like “santification” or “abundance.” Many conversations will come up. Enjoy them. God-bless you and your journey.


Welcome to Connect, Melissa. :slight_smile: It can be hard to get around at first, but it comes with time. I hope you can get to the places you need to not the site- if not, please let me know! You may find this post helpful, too.


PLEASE HELP. I have sent new topics messages before but I can’t remember how. All I can do is reply to other messages? I’ve been trying for 3 days? I have typed my draft but I can not find a “send “ button? Thank you :pray:. I’m 59 and this is hard for me? I can send this to you because I know to tap the Reply button

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Hello, Melissa! I’m sorry to be so slow to reply- I thought I would check in once at my laptop and forgot. :woman_facepalming:
I’m excited to see your post and want to help you get this up! Have you tried the blue “Create Topic” button at the bottom left of the post?

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Thank you so much for caring! I think I’ve got it now. Yeah!! God bless you!