Introduction: Mez Stead

(Mez Stead) #1

Greetings! I’m a children’s author living in the UK, but I grew up in Athens, Georgia not far from the RZIM headquarters in Atlanta. I benefited enormously as a young teenager right through my university days from RZIM events and resources, then made my way to Oxford University where I continued to be blessed by RZIM’s work through the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics. It seems at every stage of my life, God has strategically used RZIM to nurture and bolster my faith intellectually and personally. I’m so grateful for that and eager to give back and serve alongside this wonderful ministry in every way possible. Glad to be a part of this community!

My husband and I will soon be moving to Athens for a few years & are keen to plug into university ministry (ideally with an apologetics edge). We’d love to hear from others in the area with a similar calling!

(SeanO) #2

@mezba Welcome to Connect! What an awesome journey the Lord has taken you on. It’s neat to hear how RZIM played a key role in that journey. May Christ bless your family as you seek to serve Him and open the hearts / minds of those with whom you interact to His love.

(Warner Joseph Miller) #3

Heeeeey, a fellow OCCAN!!:blush: Welcome to Connect, Mez! The year at Oxford was a tremendous blessing to me, as well. Glad to have you apart of this Connect community. Blessings!

(Kathleen) #4

Welcome to Connect, @Mez! Are you at the OCCA this year?? I’ve only met a few who are, so I’m not sure. I was OCCA 15-16 and am still based in Oxford. Originally from TN, and, have a brother who is based in Athens, GA. Love hearing your vision for university work there! If you’re in Oxford now, I’d love to connect in real life! :slight_smile: