Introduction: Micah Bush

(Micah Bush) #1

Hello Everyone,

Throughout my high school and college years, I have found several of RZIM’s resources helpful in my quest to make the Christian faith I grew up with one that I am prepared to believe and defend. The past couple of years in particular have been a challenge as I’ve become more aware of the degree to which Christians allow their beliefs to be influenced by the surrounding culture, as well as the tendency of many Christians to fall prey to false information (or ignore true information) because it supports their pre-accepted worldviews (or challenges them). RZIM’s work has often reassured me that it is possible to hold the Christian faith while engaging with the world and allowing one’s beliefs to be challenged, so I was excited to learn about RZIM Connect. I hope to find it a place where tough questions can be asked without shame and considered by Christians who are serious about developing both faith and the mind.


(Sarah West) #2

Welcome @MicahB!

(Nthabiseng Machedi ) #3

Welcome Micah. I identify so much with your views .

(Kathleen) #4

Welcome, @MicahB! So good to hear your story, and I am glad you have joined us here on Connect. It’s also been to good to have already interacted with you in conversation. Hope this place is an encouragement to you and strengthener of your faith. :slight_smile: