Introduction: Michael Hannaford

(Michael Hannaford) #1

Hi everyone, I’m Michael and I live in Australia. I look forward to discussing issues and questions with everyone.

(Brittany Bowman) #2

Welcome to Connect, Michael. :smiley: We are excited to have you join us. May you find Connect a welcoming environment to ask the questions on your heart and to encourage others in pursuit of Christ. Excited to hear from you on the threads.

(Michael Hannaford) #3

Thanks for your welcome Brittany. To let everyone know a little more about myself:
I became a Christian at the age of 22 in my last undergraduate year at University.
I am a retired (for 2 years - now 67) Computer Science Academic, and taught Computer Science in the USA for a short while and then for the rest of my time in Australia in my home city.
I am currently undertaking Chaplaincy training with a view to helping the Salvation Army’s efforts in drug, alcohol and gambling rehabilitation.
As a Computer Scientist I have always been amazed at how logical the bible’s answers to difficult issues are. I have been drawn to apologetics by teachers like William Lane Craig, John Lennox, and Ravi Zacharias and their web-site ministries. The enemy gets away so easily with such an array of nonsense, and I am looking forward to learning more and being better equipped from being part of Connect. Mike.

(Joshua Spare) #4

Welcome to Connect, @mrh908! There seems to be somewhat of a concentration of folks with a background in CS here on Connect, so I’m sure you will fit right in! And I look forward to learning and hearing from you as you begin to hop into the conversations. Again, welcome!