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(Michael John Pavia) #1

Hi everyone,
I just finished the core module training and also completed my first missionary trip to India 11/3-11/17. (WOW, was it humbling!!!)

I am on the board of directors for Christ Saves Ministries ( est. in
2004). We are a small group made up of 3 board members, led by evangelist Scott Grande. We all work voluntarily so 100% of the donations go overseas where we support local pastors in Kenya (2), Ghana (1), India (4) and Mayanmar (1) for bible schools/orphanages/widows home. In India, our 4 local pastors (all in Andhra Pradesh - population 49 Million) have 6 bible colleges (30-50 students per college) that run a 2-3 year program training pastors, evangelists and wives on the bible with a strong focus on salvation (Eph 2:8-9) and the Deity of Christ. In Mayanmar, we have 1 pastor who runs a similar bible college with 40 students. They also take in orphans & widows and feed many others showing the Love of Christ as much as possible. Over the past 10 years, we have had hundreds of students graduate and many of them are working full time spreading the Good News!

Besides a full time bible college, part of the training is going to the slums in India 3-4 times per week at night to pass out gospel tracks. Our 4 pastors and students pass out over 100,000 tracks per year to a desperate population that is usually willing to listen… only God knows the true impact it is having but when we were there in the slums, I could see people’s face light up because someone cared enough just to talk to them and show them love… more importantly, tell them of God’s love for them. It was humbling beyond words. When I got back to our hotel the first night after leaving the slums, I cried myself to sleep. Until you see it, you can’t imagine how man can live in those conditions. It defies understanding.

It was extremely humbling to see how most people live, even those not in the slums. For example, our main Pastor lives in a 200 sqaure foot house with his wife (27 years), his 19 and 21 year old son, 6 widows and 30 orphans!!! Let me say that again, 40 people in a 200 square foot house!!! And he considers himself blessed… again, very humbling.

It made me want to work more to be able to give more to further the cause of Our Lord God and Savoir, Jesus Christ.

As more donations come in, our local pastors take in more orphans and widows. Its such an honor to be part of this small but meaningful group!

It’s also an honor to be associated with RZIM as the impact this organization is having is enormous. It will be fun to see when we get to Heaven just how much God did with all of us!

I live in Rehoboth, MA with my wife (13+ years) and 2 dogs. I’m in IT Sales, however in between jobs currently.

If anyone is ever in the area, I’m always happy to meet!

Thanks for reading this and have a wonderful evening!

(Warner Joseph Miller) #2

Greetings, Michael and welcome to the Connect community! I can almost feel the excitement and enthusiasm on screen – especially as it pertains to your missionary experience. I’m so glad you got to experience cross-cultural ministry and to live with and be among the people. Having had similar experiences - both in US and abroad - the time spent and lessons learned were profound to say the least. I hope that your time here would be an additional blessing to you, brother. Again…WELCOME!

(Michael John Pavia) #3

Thank you Warner! Appreciate you taking time to say hi.

Have a wonderful night and looking forward to speaking again!

(Andrew Bulin) #4

Welcome, @MichaelJohn!

It was a blessing for me to read of your experiences overseas and I’m sure I cannot fully appreciate the impact it had on you. I just love hearing about the mission trips people take and their impressions.

I pray RZIM blesses you and adds to your current equipping to serve the Lord as you already have, and for the time you spend now reflecting on your recent trip! :slight_smile:

(Brian Upsher) #5

Hi Michael, what an awesome journey the Lord has been taking you on and being able to experience and live out the true love of Jesus! Praise God. Will be keeping you in prayer for the mission service as well as looking for your new job.

God bless

(Lakshmi Mehta) #6

@MichaelJohn, Welcome to the Connect community. What an encouragement to hear about your overseas missions. I have much of my extended family in Andhra Pradesh and still hindu. Missionary groups from overseas played a significant role in my own life after initial salvation. May God bless your ministry as you raise local leaders for Christ.

(Michael John Pavia) #7

Thank you Lakshmi! I will say I was pleasantly surprised at all the respect and open-mindedness I saw/witnessed in Andhra Pradesh. Even as we did village crusades at night in the middle of Hindu/Muslim villages, we encountered no hostility and many people were willing to listen… it was truly a blessing!

Who knows, maybe someone in your family heard us : )
We were in Gunta (we have 1 Pastor who lives there now), Vijayawada (2 Pastor’s live there now) and Kanigiri (where one of our Pastor’s was born).

Thank you for your kind words and I will pray for you and your family!
God bless!

(Lakshmi Mehta) #8

@MichaelJohn, Appreciate your prayers! Good to hear about your experience in Guntur and Vijayawada. I almost always visit Vijayawada on my trips to India. It would be great to get to know of some good churches there to visit. Thank you!