Introduction: Michelle

Hey there! Michelle here!

I’m from Houston, Texas

What led you to join Connect? I’ve been listening to RZIM podcasts for quite some time now and heard about Connect there and thought it was a great idea!

How do you hope to contribute? I don’t know everything for sure, but I enjoying helping people find answers to their questions, especially those related to God’s amazing creation!


Hi Michelle! Welcome to Connect!


Welcome to Connect, Michelle. :slight_smile: It’s great to hear of your servant heart in helping others find answers to their questions. I look forward to learning from you more.


Hi, Michelle
I’m from Tx. too. Just joined Connect 3 days ago still new at this. Heard about Connect from RZIM podcast too. Like the way Ravi encourage God people to think. Having that said, I consider myself new Christian. Been a christian for 4yrs. I grew up penicasol and baptis since I was little but didn’t really give my life to Christ till 4yrs ago. Still learning, still struggling like who isn’t lol. But all in all, I finally feel at peace.

Sorry for this long paragraph, wish you the best hope to hear from you.


Welcome aboard @GreenChristian. Another Texan with us. Awesome. Glad you have come along side us. Here you will definitely be blessed by

It is a great creation! God-bless you and your journey.


Hey Michelle! @GreenChristian

So glad you’ve joined! Your user name “Green Christian” and your comment on God’s amazing creation makes me smile :blush: - I love love seeing all He’s made, and reminding myself not to be so used to seeing the stars and waves of the ocean that I lose that sense of “awe”.

Do you have specific interests about Creation you most love to talk/think about?

I’m sure there could be some great conversations about Creation in the forums- if you so desire, the categories above (under the “3 line button”) would be a good place to begin a topic. - any questions on how to navigate the site- just let us know!

Enjoy :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @GreenChristian, welcome to connect, we are thankful to have you here. I was visiting a church this past Sunday. The minister was talking about how we can only see a small part of the big picture. Then he put an image up on the screen of when Hubble space telescope stared at what they thought was dark matter for 100 hours.

Amazing creation is right!!! Look forward to your insight :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Michelle. Welcome to connect. I just joined last week and I live this community already!! To much to learn from others and no matter where you are on your journey with Christ you have something to contribute to this community. :blush: