Introduction: Mike from Ohio

(Michael Petrie) #1

Greeetings and salutations! My name is Michael and I live in the great state of Ohio. I am a native Ohioan by birth, but I left back in 1989 to join the United States Coast Guard. After that, I attended college in Oklahoma, graduating with a degree in Fire Protection and Safety Engineering Technology, and then now living back in Ohio. The best part of having lived in either state is that regardless of which “OSU” I cheer for in college football, one of them is usually a winner!

Having been raised in a evangelical Christian home, it might have seemed natural for me to believe in God, merely by the influence of those around me. However, when I joined the military, I was interacting with different people and different worldviews that raised some legitimate questions about my belief. Through the honest, intellectual questioning of my faith, I became confident that my beliefs were valid based on:

Origins of the Universe
I travel to all sorts of manufacturing settings; molten metal, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, power generation, heavy forging, automotive…not once have I come across anything that has made itself. The idea that we can get such a complex world, so perfectly balanced to support life and even the design of the human body is a testimony to a creator. This simple fact solidified my faith in God.

Historical evidence – Textual/Archaeological
• The Biblical text corresponds remarkably well in relation to historic events as documented by even secular historians and other texts such as Josephus, Dead Sea scrolls, etc. The Bible, when it was written and by whom is important. Even today you can visit Rome and see the depiction of the destruction of the Jewish temple in stone relief in the Victory Arch of Titus, thus supporting the truth and historicity of the New Testament.
• People, places, structures; all mentioned in the Biblical text, support what is found today in archaeological digs
• Eye witness accounts by numerous people, over numerous times of Jesus Christ’s numerous miracles; feeding the masses, healing the sick, and most importantly his death/burial/resurrection. Furthermore, his disciples and their challenges of carrying Jesus’ message…who would want to be persecuted for something they knew not to be true?

Morality in Society
• Where does this sense of ought/ought not come from if not from God?
Evidence is what supports my belief.

(David jesudasan) #2

Hello Michael. It’s good to have you here. Looking forward to have your inputs and experience on the difficulties you faced when your faith was questioned and how it helped to grow stronger.

(Warner Joseph Miller) #3

Welcome to the Connect community, Mike!

(Keldon Scott) #4

Welcome aboard @Michael8299! So glad to have you with us. Isn’t there a peace in the certainty of your faith? I am glad you have gone down the path as you have to Grant you this peace. I look forward to reading your in depth text and posts. Thank you for joining. Your friend MSU Spartan fan Kel.

(Kathleen) #5

Warmest welcomes to you, @Michael8299! I know you must be happy after OSU’s big win over Michigan last night. More than I can say for my sadly mediocre Tennessee Volunteers. :expressionless: Ha!

I share many of the points you mentioned as my own reasons for confidence in the faith, and am beginning to understand more of the philosophical roots, which has been richly rewarding. :grinning: How long did you serve with the Coast Guard?