Introduction: Mona

(Mona Botros) #1

Hi everyone
I am Mona Botros. I live in the UK and work as a Child Psychiatrist.
Apologetics helped me grow in faith and still does . I completed the core module . The assignments were eye openers, made me realise that it is not impossible to talk to others about Jesus in a sensitive and respectful way.

(Helen Tan) #2

Hi @monabotros4, a warm welcome to Connect! Connect is a great place to learn and grow together with like minded people. It’s where I learned to understand different worldviews and how to approach and reach people who have different beliefs and experiences. The way to gain the most from Connect is to do the courses and ask loads of questions. The leaders here love to receive questions and there’s nothing too hard or too insignificant. They are very welcoming and their answers are empowering. So, please join in the family discussons and get started! God bless!

(Andi) #3

Welcome @monabotros4, hope this community proves to be useful for you as you/we engage with others in the various encounter around faith.

(Keldon Scott) #4

Welcome aboard @monabotros4. We are really glad to have you joining us. It’s very good to have different disciplines here as well. So glad they core module was able to assist. Do you find yourself using some of the tools and ideas from the core module in your discussions with patience? I have heard some psychologist who struggle with that. I look forward to reading your posts.

(Mona Botros) #5

Hi Keldon

There is little chance in sharing world view with patients , however, I a m a Sunday school teacher and the course improved my confidence in sharing apologetics with kids I teach.

(Kathleen) #6

Welcome, @monabotros4! Always good to have a fellow Brit one here. (Not that I am one by birth; I’m more one by choice. :wink:) Glad you’ve found us here and I look forward to your contributions and questions!

(Keldon Scott) #7

I am a divorce attorney. And I have crept into sharing some of the things very subtlety sometimes with clients and then more overtly when they are welcoming the discussion. God bless your practice and your involvement in Sunday School.