Introduction: Morgan Bell

(Morgan B Bell) #1

Hello! My name is Morgan Bell and I am a water/wastewater engineer-in-training living in east Alabama. I attended an RZIM event this past summer, and just finished the Core Module Course with RZIM Academy. I look forward to learning from this community and continuing to take classes through RZIM Academy. I interact with many college students from all walks of life, and RZIM has helped me become a better listener in order to introduce Jesus to them!

(Isaiah J. Armstrong) #2

Hello Morgan!
Thank you for being a witness to college students! I’m sure you’ll learn a lot here on RZIM Connect. It’s great to have you join our community!

(michelle guerrero) #3

Hi Morgan,
Welcome. I love that part where you state “RZIM has taught you to become a better listener”…great point. When you listen as Ravi has taught you hear the question of the questioner. Awesome!

(Anthony Costello ) #4

Morgan, welcome to Connect. I pray that the time spent here will be fruitful and help you greatly in your ministry. I love that you mention you’ve become a better listener due to RZIM. Something I still struggle with a lot myself, to listen well. Certainly the first part of being a good evangelist and apologist is knowing the other person which demands good listening.

God bless you and welcome.

in Christ,